Leadership at NIE

Hon. President

Dr. M.S. Ranganath

Hon. Treasurer

Dr. R. Datta Kumar


President's Message

Dr. M.S.Ranganath

I deem it a privilege and honour to be the President of this great institution NIE. It is but right we all should remember the three stalwarts and founding fathers Sri S Ramaswamy, Sri D V Narasimha Rao and Sri T Rama Rao and without their vision, dedication and sacrifice this great institution would not have existed and all the alumni owe their existence to them. At this juncture I must say that I was impressed by my father Late Sri M A Sampath Iyengar who was the President of NIE from 1997 to 2009,which made NIE close to my heart though I grew up to be a doctor. I am sure this reputation pervades and continues to attract many students from far and wide. Very proud to say that NIE has a staff of repute with the state of the art infrastructure.


NIE is known for its alumni, the notable among them to mention Sri N R Narayan Murthy, cricketer E A S Prasanna and many more who have brought laurels to the name of NIE. I see that this NIE Alumni association is a strong body and trying their best to strengthen this further and build into a University.


We need to be future ready and in that direction open up new specialties and at the same time nurture the other old ones for which the present management committee specially our dynamic Hon Secretary Sri Udayshankar S Bhyrappa with the advise of past presidents is articulating a good vision in making NIE a international institution.


Nothing is complete without the students and may I wish them a great future as they pass out of the portals of this college so that they strengthen the alumni and build NIE to greater heights.
Dr M S Ranganath
President NIE Society