Camera Ready Paper

Step 1: Final Camera-ready paper preparation

1. Please follow Springer standard format for preparing your final manuscript. Springer Template

Step 2. Copyright Agreement


Step 3. Camera ready Paper Submission

Submit the final version of the paper through the author console in CMT. Please change the file name of the camera ready paper to PIDxx_TitleName.pdf (where xx is your paper ID in CMT) before submission to CMT. Please note that authors are expected to retain the title of the original paper in the final paper. Also, the author list in the original paper cannot be changed in the final manuscript.

Step 4: Conference registration

1. An author conference registration is mandatory to have the paper included in the conference program and the proceedings. i.e. attendee registration is not entitled for IEEE Xplore paper publication.
2. NB: Presentation of the paper in the conference is mandatory for the paper to be considered for submission to Springer for publication.