‘A unique opportunity to serve the Nation’

Prajwal, a 28 year old Mechanical Engineering graduate from the National Institute of Engineering (NIE), Mysuru, who recently cleared the UPSC exam with a rank of 636 has some valuable tips for youngsters aspiring to join the Civil services. ‘Plan your work & work your plan’ is his mantra for success. He insists that he was complacent in the beginning and focused too much on reading rather than writing, which resulted in him clearing prelims regularly but failing in the main examination. When asked for his advice for UPSC aspirants he says ‘Ask yourself why civil service? What is it which drives you? Keep your preparation discreet so that you can avoid distractions. There will be failures, don’t lose hope. Learn from your mistakes, always improve, no matter the field. Be thankful for all your life experiences. Finally stay motivated, perseverance is the key, and give always your best.’

>Prajwal firmly believes that UPSC is a unique opportunity for a patriot to serve the Nation. This impressive achievement is a result of continuous and determined effort since 2015. He says that his training as an engineer, while not being a distinct advantage, has provided him with a multidimensional approach to solve problems. He fondly remembers his time at NIE when the idea of pursuing UPSC germinated. His discussions with classmates &Professors about the role of an engineer and a citizen in the society sparked a train of thought ending at the footsteps of the Civil Services.

Ever since graduating in the year 2013, Prajwal has also been employed in the private sector balancing his work & exam preparation with aplomb. He credits this to his experience in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, NIE, as a trainer/teaching assistant where he was responsible for training his juniors. He highlights the significance of cutting down on any and all distractions he faced. Devoting time & energy on a consistent basis is key, he says. Teachers at NIE remember him to be an inquisitive, determined and accomplished student.

His ambitions and goals for the future are focussed in his mind. ‘Clearing civil service is but the starting point of the journey. I wish to accomplish few things. Contributing my bit towards the society in the service I am appointed to. I want to make sure that the policies reach the people of our nation without any hiccups.’

Vice Principal, NIE, Mysuru