The World Environment Day was celebrated with enthusiasm by Electronics and Communication department, NIE, Mysuru on June 5th 2020. The celebration started with watering of plants by honourable Principal Dr. Rohini Nagapadma, the event chief guest       Mr.S.

Shamsundar, Head NIE-CREST, Dr Narasimha Kaulgud, Professor & Head, department of ECE, event coordinator Ms. Shruthi R, faculty members and non teaching staff in the college premises.

The celebration was followed by the event where staff members were involved in seed ball preparation and they were enlightened with the importance of green waste management techniques along with compost preparation by Professor Mr. Shamsundar in CREST unit NIE, Mysuru.

Further there was a talk on E-waste management and discussion regarding case study on the theme ‘Time for Nature’. Dr Narasimha Kaulgud spoke about key parameters of E-waste management like sustainability, manufacturer’s responsibility, electrical /electronic waste and focused on how categorization of E-waste helps society to recycle easily.

Mr. Shamsundar shared his experience on love for nature by taking a case study on his venture “KANANA”- SAAVAYAVA KRUSHI THOTA and motivated to live together with nature with optimum use of natural resources.