Information technology pervades every aspect of our lives — from personal interactions to financial transactions. Reason why it is important to have the best minds work on continuously developing the field of Information Science and Engineering.

The Department of Information Science & Engineering (ISE) established in 1999 with the B.E. Programme to meet the shortage of IT Engineers, helps students develop critical, innovative, creative-thinking, problem-solving and attitudinal skills. Campus-to-Corporate programmes with technical and soft skill building training and technology updates by leading companies nurture employability while internships help them apply their learning. A blend of programme aspects, state-of-the-art computational facilities, advanced teaching and learning resources and well-qualified faculty with strong ICT sector linkages make students future-ready.

Noteworthy industry collaborations include VGST (Government of Karnataka) project implementation on ‘Energy-efficient data gathering using multiple mobile elements in a wireless sensor network’ and IndSilkDB – a national database on sericulture for the Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute. MoUs with Nokia Solutions and Network India Private Limited focus on technology such as developing prototypes for products or tools ideas as well as new technology incubation projects.

Students have proven their mettle in academics and extra-curricular activities with a 15,000-strong participation in college, State and National-level events. Head here for a rounded and promising engineering career.


“The Department will provide quality and value based education to produce innovative world-class computing engineers and will enhance quality research for the betterment of society”



* To impart high quality training, education and competence in information science domain through best-in class faculty and facilities

* To produce globally acceptable information science graduates who can contribute professionally to the industry and research activities by offering courses on emerging technologies.

* To provide platforms to work effectively and innovatively in multi-disciplinary domain.



The Department of Information Science and Engineering offers both Undergraduate and Post-graduate programmes of a duration of four years and two years respectively.


B.E. in Information Science and Engineering


M.Tech in Computer Network Engineering


The following is the syllabus and the timetable for the courses taught under the Undergraduate and Post-graduate programmes in the department.


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Academic Year



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The department is fortunate to have a diversified, well-qualified, skilled and dedicated faculty working for the betterment of its students through industrial and research collaborations. The faculty is committed to achieving, sustaining and fostering unmatched excellence in technical education.

Dr.Girish Professor and Head
Chinnaswamy C N Associate Professor
Dr. Bhat Geetalaxmi Jairam Professor
Dr. C K Vanamala Associate Professor
Dr. K Raghuveer Professor
Dr. P Devaki Professor
Dr. Rajeshwari D Associate Professor
Dr. S Kuzhalvaimozhi Controller of Examinations & Professor
Dr. Suhaas K P Associate Professor and Deputy Controller of Examinations
Dr.Shashank Dhananjaya Associate Professor
Kiran B N Assistant Professor
Likitha M P Assistant Professor
MANASA K B Assistant Professor
Manasa U Assistant Professor
Mayura D Tapkire Assistant Professor
Meghana N R Assistant Professor
Nandini B M Assistant Professor
Nandini P Assistant Professor
PADMA M T Assistant Professor (FTC)
Pradeep Kumar H S Assistant Professor
Prajakta Madankar Assistant Professor
Prathibha B S Assistant Professor
Rajesh N Assistant Professor
Rampur Srinath Associate Professor
Suhas Bharadwaj R Assistant Professor
Ushadevi A Assistant Professor

Faculty list

For a list of Faculty Members of Information Science & Engineering Department- UG & PG Click Here


The Department of Information Science and Engineering facilitates a passion for Engineering with Eight state-of-the-art laboratories. All the laboratories are connected to the Gigabit Network of the department which is in turn connected to the institute's 250 Mbps dedicated leased line internet network via optical fibre. Students are provided individual work spaces and computers consisting of multi core processor and workstations. The department has classrooms and tutorial rooms equipped with projectors as well as a shared seminar hall.


Here's a look at the latest lectures, seminars and other programmes conducted by the department.

Title of Seminars/Conferences Resource Person Date
Title of Workshops/Training Programmes Resource Person Date
Registration details for Student Workshop 2024 on “Data Science using Python” from 19.2.24 to 23.2.24 organized by Dept of IS & Engg, NIE. 19-02-2024 and
International Level Largest Student Workshop 2024 on “Data Science using Python”, 19th to 23rd Feb 2024 organized by Dept of Information Science & Engg, NIE. 19-02-2024 and
National level SDP on ‘BharathIS -2021’ – August 11-13, 2021. Prof. C K Vanamala Associate Professor, Dept of IS&Engg, NIE. 11-08-2021 and
One-day TEQIP-3 sponsored workshop on ‘Interactive Session on Life Skills’ B. M. Nandini, N. Rajesh 15-09-2018
Two-day FDP titled ‘Python Programming for All’ Dr. Bhat Geetalaxmi Jayaram, Dr. Anitha C, Lavanya M C 29-12-2017 and
Introduction to IoT and Cloud Computing 10-11-2018
Campus to Corporate Program Prof. K. Raghuveer Ms. Prathibha Mr. Pradeep Kumar H.S. 28-09-2018
Title of Others Resource Person Date
The Annual technical fest “Ankura ’22” of IEEE Student Chapter of NIE-NISB from 20th to 25th June 2022. 20-06-2022 and
IIsc, Bengaluru Dr. K Raghuveer 29th February 2020
Nokia and Networks India Private Limited, Bengaluru Mr. Rampur Srinath 13-09-2019
Title of Others Resource Person Date


The department has always worked towards providing students the best of facilities, academics and learning opportunities. Here’s a look at some of the milestones that the department has achieved over the years.

  • NBA accreditation for Undergraduate courses from 19 July 2008 to 18 July 2011
  • Started Post-graduate Programme in Computer Network Engineering(CNE) in the year  2012
  • Implemented the VGST (Government of Karnataka) Project on 'Energy-efficient Data Gathering Using Multiple Mobile Elements in Wireless Sensor Network' from 2012 to 2014.
  • Implemented the project by Central Sericultural Research & Training Institute, Ministry of Textiles titled 'IndSilkDB- A National Database on Sericulture' for three years.
  • MoU has been signed with Nokia solutions and Network India Private limited in the year 2017.
    List of activities under each MoU
    • Learn with Nokia and research program
    • Develop prototypes for products or tools idea
    • Develop new technology incubation projects.
    • Signed an MoU with Intuit India Product Development Centre Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore in 2018 which encompasses curriculum design for Undergraduate and Post-graduate programmes in consultation with Intuit and the preparation of project proposals for funds in collaboration with Intuit.
    • MoU has been signed with IBM India Pvt Ltd., in the year 2019
    • Entelika Consultancy  & IT Services - year 2019
    • VGS Software Solutions - renewed in the year 2021.