Bhagat Singh P

Assistant Professor (FTC)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Phone No: 98949 68309
About Me:

My research interests are primarily based on various manufacturing processes with an emphasis on materials science and engineering. I have extensively worked on developing Magnesium and Aluminium based lightweight alloys and composites through liquid and powder metallurgy routes primarily targeting the automobile and aerospace industries. I have pursued my PhD in developing ultra-light weight alloys for the aerospace industry which was generously sponsored by India’s public research firm aeronautical research and development board (AR&DB). Further, I have extensively worked in various metal forming and severe plastic deformation processes. I possess a commanding knowledge of mechanical behaviour and the structure-property correlation of materials.During my stint at NIT Trichy as a research associate, I developed a Magnesium melting furnace to develop the ultra-lightweight alloy. Further, I have research experience in IISc Bangalore as a visiting scholar to conduct bulk texture and hot compression-related studies.I have worked as a lecturer at St.Peter’s University, Chennai and as an associate professor at DVR and Dr.HS MIC College of Technology, Vijayawada.

  • BE - St.Peter’s Engineering College, Anna University (Production Engg.)
  • ME – CEG Campus, Anna University (Manufacturing Systems and Management)
  • PhD- NIT Trichy (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering)
  • Assistant Professor

International Journals

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International/National Conferences:
  1. D, Bhagat Singh.P, Kumaran S, “Investigation of deformation mechanism in cold-rolled Mg-10Li-1.5Ca alloy”, ‘Second International Conference on Recent Trends in Materials Science and Technology, ICMST-2018’ on October 10-13,2018 at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. (Best Paper Award)
  2. Sriraman, Bhagat Singh.P, Kumaran S, “Processing and Understanding the Mechanical and Bio-Corrosion Behaviour of Lightweight Single Phase Mg-4Li-Ca alloy”, ‘Second International Conference on Recent Trends in Materials Science and Technology, ICMST-2018’ on October 10-13,2018 at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
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  4. Bhagat Singh.P, Deepak Kumar Sahu, Kumaran “ Understanding the effect of rare-earth addition in Aluminium-Lithium alloy” ‘International Symposium on Light weighting for Defence, Aerospaceand Transportation: Trends, New Paradigms and Strategies’ NMD-2017, Nov 11-14, 2017 held at BITS PILANI, KK Birla Goa Campus.
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  6. Bhagat Singh.P, Kumaran.S, Satyam Suwas., “Microstructural evolution in extruded Mg-Li-Al alloys during annealing and their structure-property relation”, International Magnesium Conference (IMagCon-2016), VIT University, Chennai Campus, Tamil Nadu, India.
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  • Production Technology
  • Metal Cutting and Machine Tools
  • Unconventional machining process
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing.