Channaveeraya Wujjini Matada

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Phone No: 7019752350
About Me:

24 Years in software industry experience mainly on system software(Compiler-Design) using C/C++.

Worked in multi-cultural environments across USA, UK(London, Cambridge, Melton-Keynes), Sweden(Lund), France(LeMans), Germany(Furth) and China(Bejing) addressing diverse business/technical challenges and delivering solutions.

Expert in Windows/Linux technologies ( C/C++, MFC, STL, Python, LEX/YACC, Flex/Bison/ LLVM infrastructure), Win32 multi-threaded programming. Expert in designing complex multi-threaded architectures.

Strong theoretical & practical background of compiler front end technologies, LEX-YACC , Flex-Bison tutor. Practical experience in Compiler-Backends development using LLVM infrastructure.

My enthusiasm for teaching and research has motivated me to use my skills and experience to guide students towards success in computer science and data science careers. Additionally, I'm dedicated to advancing the realms of AI and ML through research, with a specific focus on machine learning, deep learning, and in the area of Compiler Design

  • B.E  From Gulbarga University
  • M.Tech in CSE  Reva University
  • Assistant Professor

“Forecasting of BSE-Sensex @EOD Using Astronomical Parameters”  Presented at IACIT-2020,  awarded “Best paper Award”

  • Programming in C
  • Python