Dr.Abhishek A Pathak

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

Email: abhishekpathak@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 7411758251
About Me:

I graduated in Civil Engineering (2013) from BLDEA'S College of Engineering and Technology, Vijayapura, Karnataka and completed my Master's Degree in Water Resource Engineering from UVCE Bengaluru from 2013 to 2015. I was a Ph.D. research scholar from the year 2015 to 2019 and I have obtained doctoral degree from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. My doctoral thesis reports modelling of historical and future hydrometeorological drought characteristics, using advanced computational statistics applied in an Indian tropical river basin. My professional contribution includes eight international scopus/SCI indexed journal papers and several international conference papers. My research credentials are 70 citations with H-Index 4 and I10 index 3.

I have visited USA, Germany, United Kingdom, and Austria and other countries to present my research work in conferences and workshops with travel grants and sponsorships. I am a recipient of prestigious American Geophysical Union Grant, ITS-SERB for Young Scientists, India-UK water centre sponsorship and NITK’s Alumni Grant. I am also serving as a reviewer for the reputed journals like Journal of Hydrology, Environmental Earth science and ASCE etc. I have also delivered lectures/talks as a resources person in FDP and STTPs. My research interests are Surface Water Hydrology Hydro-Climatic extremes, Multivariate Statistics, Climate change and Remote sensing/GIS applications in water resources engineering.

  • B.E (BLDEA'S CET, Vijayapura)
  • M.Tech (UVCE, Bangalore)
  • Ph.D (NITK, Surathkal)
  • Assistant Professor and Head Water Resources Center
  1. Received a fellowship for pursuing doctoral research (2015-19) by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.
  2. American Geophysical Union (AGU) Travel grant.
  3. DST International Travel Support (ITS) For Young Scientists, from Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), India.
  4. India-UK water centre sponsorship for the workshop held at Lancaster University UK.
Journal Publications
  1. Pathak, A.A, Dodamani, B.M. (2021). “Connection between Meteorological and Groundwater Drought with Copula-Based Bivariate Frequency Analysis”. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering (ASCE). 26 (7). https://doi.org/10.1061/(ASCE)HE.1943-5584.0002089.
  2. Pathak, A.A., Dodamani, B.M., (2020). "Trend Analysis of Rainfall, Rainy-days and Drought: A Case Study for Ghataprabha River Basin, India". Modeling Earth Systems and Environment. Accepted for Publication. 6, (1357–1372). DOI: 10.1007/s40808-020-00798-7.
  3. Pathak, A.A., Dodamani, B.M., (2019). “Comparison of Meteorological Drought Indices for Different Climatic Regions of an Indian River Basin”. Asia-Pacific Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. DOI: 10.1007/s13143-019-00162-5.
  4. Pathak, A.A., Dodamani, B.M., (2019). “Application of remotely sensed NDVI and soil moisture to monitor long-term agricultural drought”. Earth Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications. 111 56. doi.org/10.1117/12.2532852.
  5. Pathak, A.A., Dodamani, B.M., (2018). “Trend Analysis of Groundwater Levels and Assessment of Regional Groundwater Drought: Ghataprabha River Basin, India”. Natural Resources Research. 28-3 (631–643) doi.org/10.1007/s11053-018-9417-0.
  6. Pathak, A.A., Dodamani, B.M., (2018). “Assessment of Agricultural Drought by Remote Sensing Technique”. Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology. 10783, (1-13). doi.org/10.1117/12.2325494.
  7. Pathak, A.A., Nizar, S., Dodamani, B.M., (2018) “Trends in Agro-Meteorological Parameters as Groundwater Exploitation Indicators”. Earth and Environmental Science., 167(1-9). doi :10.1088/1755-1315/167/1/012004.
  8. Pathak, A.A., Channaveerappa, Dodamani, B.M., (2016). “Comparison of Two Hydrological Drought Indices”. Perspectives in Science 8 (1–4). doi:10.1016/j.pisc.2016.06.039.
International Conference
  1. Datta R., Pathak A.A, Dodamani B.M. (2019) ‘’Assessment of Meteorological Drought Return Periods Over A Temporal Rainfall Change’’ International conference on “Civil Engineering Trends and Challenges for Sustainability” (CTCS-2019). Held from 23-24 May 2019 at NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte, Karkala, India.
  2. Pathak A.A, Dodamani, B.M. (2019) ‘‘Enhancement in the Characterization of Historical and Future Droughts with a Copula Based Integrated Drought Index" AGU General Assembly 2019, held at San-Francisco, CA, USA from 9-13 December 2019.
  3. Pathak A.A, Dodamani, B.M. (2019) “Analysis of Agricultural Drought and Investigation of Bivariate Return Periods using Copula” EGU General Assembly 2019, 7–12 April 2019, Vienna, Austria.
  4. Pathak A.A., Dodamani B.M. (2018) “Assessment of Agricultural Drought by Remote Sensing Technique” SPIE Remote Sensing 2018. 10-13 Septmber 2018, Berlin, Germany.
  5. Pathak A.A., Dodamani B.M. (2017) “Drought assessment for Ghataprabha River basin - a multi probability approach” 3rd World’s Large River Conference on the “Status and Future of the World’s Large Rivers”. April 18 - 21, 2017. New Delhi, India
  6. P., Inayathulla M., Chalapathi K., Pathak A.A. (2016) “Hydrologic Analysis Of Suryanagar watersheds Using IDF Curves And Runoff Models” International Conference & Exhibition on Best Practices in Sustainable Water, Wastewater & Energy Management-SWWEM-2016. 16-19th August, 2016, IISC Bangalore, India.
  7. Pathak A.A., Dodamani B.M. (2016) “A Review on Agricultural Drought Indices”, HYDRO 2016 - 21st International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering, 8-10 December 2016. ISH-Pune, India.
  8. Pathak A.A, Inayathulla M. Dodamani B.M. (2015) “Generation Of Unit Hydrographs For Flood Studies For An Ungauged Catchment Area” HYDRO 2015 – 20th International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources and River Engineering, 17-19 December, 2015, IIT Roorkee, India.
UG Courses
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machineries
  • Water Supply Engineering
  • Hydrology and Irrigation Engineering
  • Building Materials and Concrete Technology
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  PG Courses
  • Surface Water Hydrology
  • Hydrological Modeling
  • Hydraulics and Hydrologic Engineering Laboratory
  • Hydro Systems Computational Laboratory