Dr. Anjanappa C

Associate Professor

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Email: anjanappa_ecnie@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 94804771557
About Me:

I have 20 years of teaching Experience. After completing my BE from Univ. of Bangalore, I joined as a lecturer in Degree (BSc, Electronics) taught for 2 years. I qualified GATE examination and joined M.E (Electronics and communication) from Bangalore University after completion of Master’s degree joined as lecturer in Engineering College worked for 2 years. I got an opportunity to work as lecturer in reputed institution NIE Started my carrier to till date. I have completed my PhD in the area of Medical Image processing title “Development and Performance Evaluation of Denoising algorithms for Medical Image analysis” under the Guidance of Prof. Dr.H.S.Sheshadri PESCE, Mandya.

  • B E (Bangalore University, Bengaluru)
  • M E (Bangalore University, Bengaluru)
  • Ph. D (University of Mysore, Mysuru)
Journal Publications
  1. C.Anjanappa, H.S.Sheshadri, “Probabilistic Identification and Estimation of Noise: Application to MR Images”, Bio-Medical and Pharmacology Journal.vol.11, issue 13, Sept-2018.
  2. C.Anjanappa, H.S.Sheshadri, “Statistical wavelet based Adaptive Noise Filtration Technique for MRI Modality”, i-manger’s journal on Pattern Recognition, ISSN-2349-7912, Vol-4, N0.-1, Dec-Feb 2018.
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  5. C.Anjanappa, H.S.Sheshadri, “Denoising of Diffusion Weighted Images Using Statistical Based Method: An Extension of Joint LMMSE Approach International Journal of Information Processing, 10(2), 23-31, 2016, ISSN:0973-8215 IK International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India.
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  7. C.Anjanappa, H.S.Sheshadri, “Comparative Analysis of Efficient Impulse Noise Removal Techniques applied to Medical Images based on Mathematical Morphology” International Research Journal of Medical Sciences, ISCA, Vol. 3(9), 1-12, September 2015.
  8. Lokesh, B.S. Anjanappa C. and Nagaraju C. (2017). A Survey on Computer Vision for Plant Leaf Diseases. I-manager’s Journal on Image Processing, 4(2), 29-33.
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Conference proceedings
  1. C.Anjanappa,H.S.Sheshadri,“Development Mathematical Morphology filter for medical image impulse noise removal” International Conference on Emerging Research in Electronics, Computer Science and Technology – 2015, PESCE, Mandya.
  2. C.Anjanappa, H.S.Sheshadri, “Comparative Study of Noise Reduction Techniques in Medical Images”, National Conference on Advanced Research in Electronics and Communication, NCAREC-14.
UG Courses 
  • CMOS VLSI circuits
  • Low power VLSI Design
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Electronics Fundamentals
  • Digital Image processing
  • Electronic Instrumentation