Dr. Archana N V


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Email: archananv@nie.ac.in
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About Me:
  • With a total of 25 years of teaching experience worked in various capacities from Lecturer, Asst. Professor, Associate Professor through Professor.
  • Served as in charge principal for almost a year.
  • Senior member IEEE, Treasurer for two terms in IEEE Mysore subsection, Currently Vice Chair IEEE Mysore Subsection
  • Guided two students towards award of PhD.
  • Guiding 7 students towards their Ph.D. with versatile domains smart grid, power system quality improvement, adaptive control systems, wireless sensor networks
  • I am responsible for being a active researcher, guiding students towards quality research and making ongoing contributions to the intellectual reputation of the institution.
  • Imparting innovative teaching learning methodologies
  • B.E.
  • M.Tech
  • Ph.D
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor

National/ International Journals:

  1. Dr. Archana N.V. 1 , Dr. Ushasurendra 2 and S.S.Parthasarathy 3 ,  ‘Evolutionary Algorithm Based Optimal Location Of Series Facts Device To Reduce The Losses In A Power System’,IJECSE:VOL.1,NO.1,PP 1-10, APRIL 30,2013
  2. Dr. Archana N.V. 1 and Dr. S.S.Parthasarathy 2 , ’Location of Series Facts Device Using GeneticAlgorithm And Enhancement of Stability Using Self Tuning Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor’,IJECE :VOL.3 ISSUE 2, PP. 9- 22 ,MARCH 2014.
  3. Dr. Usha Surendra 1 , Dr.Archana N.V 2 and Dr. S.S. Parthasarathy 3 , “Genetic Algorithm BasedOptimal Location Of Series Facts Device To Reduce The Losses In A Power System”, IJESC: VOL. 4,NO. 2,PP. 91– 96, JULY-DECEMBER 2012.
  4. Dr. USHA SURENDRA 1 , Dr. ARCHANA N. V. 2 and Dr. S. S. PARTHASARATHY 3 , “GeneticAlgorithm Based Optimal Location Of Series Facts Device To Reduce The Losses And Enhance PowerTransfer In A power System”, Journal Of Analysis And Computation, VOL. 8, NO. 2, PP. 71-84, ISSN :0973-2861, July-December 2012.
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  7. Pavithra A C, Yathisha L; Dr. Archana N V “OPTIMAL SWITCHING TECHNIQUES FORAIRCRAFT LATERAL DYNAMICS” Vol – 6, No 4 October 2018
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  13. Harish SV., & Archana NV. (2023) An Extensive Performance for Fault Positioning inRandomly Distributed Networks to Extend Cluster Lifetime in WSN’s JOURNAL OF XI'ANUNIVERSITY OF ARCHITECTURE & TECHNOLOGY ISSN No : 1006-7930https://doi.org/10.37896/JXAT15.10/32637

National/ International Conferences:

 1. Dr. Ushasurendra, Dr. Archana and Dr. S.S. Parthasarathy, “Intelligent Learning Controllers forPower Systems Stability Improvement with Facts Devices”, International Conference On Convergence ofScience and Engg in Education and Research--ICSE 2012. 21 th -23 rd April 2010 Dayananda Sagar College ofEngg, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

2. Dr. Usha Surendra1, Dr. Archana N.V and Dr. S.S. Parthasarathy3, “Genetic Algorithm Based OptimalLocation of Series Facts Device to Reduce the Losses in A Power System”, International Conference OnCurrent Trends in Engineering and Management, ICCTEM 2012, 12-14 of JULY2012, Page 84, VidyaVardhaka College of Engg, Mysore, Karnataka, India.

3. Dr. Archana N.V, "Blood pressure measured using pulse transit time (PTT)" in ICSPCCR- 16 at VVIET,Mysuru on 18th and 19th May 2016

4. Ms. Seema Magadum, Dr. Archana N V, “Control and Coordination Issues in Community MicrogridSystem” in International conference on “Innovations in Engineering, Technology and Sciences (ICIETS –2018) held at NIEIT, Mysuru on 20th and 21st September 2018.

5. Dr. Archana N V, Ms. Divya B V, “An overview of Placement, Control and Coordinated FACTS devices”in International conference on “Innovations in Engineering, Technology and Sciences (ICIETS – 2018) heldat NIEIT, Mysuru on 20th and 21st September 2018.

6. Dr. Archana N V, Mr. Sreerama Samartha “Adaptive Receiver for sensing multiple-spectrum Bands” inInternational conference on “Innovations in Engineering, Technology and Sciences (ICIETS – 2018) held atNIEIT, Mysuru on 20 th and 21 st September 2018.

7. Dr. Archana.N.V , Dr. Ushasurendra, Dr.S.S. Parthasarathy, Neeraj M.K ‘Location & Comparison OfThe Series Facts Devices –TCSC And SSSC To Study Its Performance’, National Conference Held AT IEI, Mysore , from july 22, 2013

8. Dr. Archana.N.V , Dr.S.S.Parthasarathy, Kavyashree, ‘Analysis Of Location Of Series Facts Devices OnReal Time 220kv System’, National Conference held at IEI, Mysore, From July 22, 2013

9. Dr. Usha Surendra 1 Dr. Archana. N. V 2 and Dr. S. S. Parthasarathy 3 , “Analysis of Application of VarIndices Method & Evolutionary Algorithm On Real Time 220kv System to Locate Series Facts Device”, 15Th ISTE, Faculty Convention Held On 7-8th Of December 2012 At East-West Institute of Technology,Bangalore, India.

10. Dr. Archana.N.V, Dr. UshaSurendra, Dr. S. S. Parthasarathy & Dr. A.S. Gopala Rao, ”TransmissionCapability Enhancement Using Facts Controllers In Electric Power Systems : A Survey”, held atGSSSIETW on Oct 2009, Mysore, India.

11. Dr. Ushasurendra, Dr.Archana.N.V and Dr. S.S.Parthasarathy, “review of literature about factscontrollers in electric power systems” , National conference held at NMAMIT, Nitte, on Sept 2009.

12. Dr. Archana N.V., Janhavi, Rathnakar, Location and performance analysis of TCSC for IEEE 5 bussystem” National conference at Tiptur, March 28, 2015

13. Dr.Archana N.V, Rekha S, Distribution network Automation for power lines” GSSSIETW, August 22,2015

14. Ms. Rekha S, Dr. Archana N V, a paper on “Analytical Approach for Multiple PV placements in Radial DistributionSystem under balanced and unbalanced load condition”, presented on Intelligent computing and control systemsICICCS 2021.

15. Harish SV, Archana, N. V. (2021, October). Efficient Load Balancing and Extended Network Lifetime forCluster Based Routing Wireless Sensor Networks Using Fitness Function Algorithm. In 2021 IEEE MysoreSub Section International Conference (MysuruCon) (pp. 653-659). IEEE.

16. Harish, S. V. , Archana, N. V. (2023, February). A Distributed Cluster Based Protocol to ExtendLifetime using Fitness Function algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks. In 2023 International Conferenceon Recent Trends in Electronics and Communication (ICRTEC) (pp. 01-06). IEEE.

Patent Published: Application number- 202341045212, Journal Number – 35/2023, Journal Date – 01/09/2023

  • Electric Circuit Analysis
  • Control Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Computer Techniques in Power System
  • High voltage engineering
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Smart City
  • Electrical Measurements and instrumentation