B K Sridhara, PhD


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Email: bks_dhar@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 0821-4004930
About Me:
  • Design of Machine Elements – I
  • Design of Machine Elements – II
  • Mechanical Vibrations
  • Composite Materials
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Kinematics of Machinery
  • Dynamics of Machinery
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Ph.D
  • M.Tech
  • B.E
  • Lecturer
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor
  • Studies on Thin Film Multilayer Coatings deposited using Sputtering Process
  • Deposition and Characterization of Aluminium Thin film Coatings using DC Magnetron Sputtering Process
  • Studies on nanostructure aluminium thin film coatings deposited using DC magnetron sputtering process
  • Damage Based Fatigue Life Prediction of AISI 1040 Steel
  • Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of the Tensile Properties of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes filled Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Composites
  • Dielectric Responses of Hybrid Polymer Matrix Composites at 2-3 GHz Microwave Frequencies
  • Machinability Assessment of Aluminium-Graphite-Silicon Carbide Hybrid Composites
  • Mechanical behaviour of MWCNT filled polypropylene thermoplastic composites
  • Machinability Studies on Aluminium Matrix Hybrid Composites
  • Fatigue crack initiation and propagation life prediction of materials
  • Effect of infrared cure parameters on the mechanical properties of polymer composite laminates
  • Fatigue life prediction: a continuum damage mechanics and fracture mechanics approach
  • Friction characteristics of aluminium silicon carbide graphite hybrid composites
  • Strain Controlled Fatigue Life Prediction of Materials
  • Strain Controlled fatigue Crack initiation life prediction of Materials
  • Fatigue life Estimation of Hybrid aluminium matrix composites
  • Optimization of infrared radiation cure process parameters for glass fiber reinforced polymer composites
  • Development of infrared radiation curing system for fiber reinforced polymer composites: An experimental investigation
  • Comparative study on the machinability aspects of aluminium-silicon carbide and aluminium-graphite-silicon carbide hybrid composites
  • Wear characteristics of hybrid aluminium matrix composites reinforced with graphite and silicon carbide particulates
  • Effect of silicon carbide particulates on wear resistance of graphitic aluminium matrix composites
  • Effect of addition of graphite particulates on the wear behaviour in aluminium–silicon carbide–graphite composites
  • Parametric studies on the tribological behaviour of aluminium matrix hybrid composites
  • A Series of Tool-Life Studies on Aluminium Matrix Hybrid Composites
  • Intellectual property rights: Issues for creation of institutional repository
  • A reliability based stress–life evaluation of aluminium–graphite particulate composites
  • Comparative study on the machinability aspects of aluminium silicon carbide and aluminium graphite composites
  • Studies on tensile and interlaminar shear strength properties of thermally cured and microwave cured glass–epoxy composites
  • Studies on mechanical behavior of microwave and thermally cured glass fiber reinforced polymer composites
  • Application of conjoint analysis in new product development
  • Influence Of Testing Frequency On The Fatigue Behaviour Of Metals And Alloys
  • Effect of Loading Frequency on Composites: A Review
  • Simulation Studies on Ceramic Coatings on Aluminium thin films for Solar Reflector Application
  • Studies on mechanical and thermal properties of infrared and thermally cured glass-epoxy composite