Dr.K C Manjunath


Department of Civil Engineering

Email: kcm@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 9448576426
About Me:

I am a bachelor degree holder in Civil Engineering with a master degree in Environmental Engineering and doctoral degree in Highway Engineering. My research interests are in the area of water management, sanitation, water and wastewater treatment, and construction and performance of rural roads. Apart from research I am involved in consultancy works in the field of highway engineering and water management. Earlier, I was associated with CART (Now called CREST) and participated in designing rain water harvesting systems for various industries in and around Mysore. At present I am involved as a team member in the activities of Building Fire Research Centre (BFRC), NIE. I was also involved in an experimental rural road project using Nano fibres with professors from Canada under Indo-Canadian Collaboration, IC-IMPACT. During free time I involve in sharing knowledge with trainee engineers at ATI, SIRD, and KERS, and other academic and training institutes in Mysore

  • B.E. (Mysore Univ.)
  • M.Tech (IIT, Kharagpur)
  • Ph.D (Bangalore University, Bangalore)
  • Treatment of domestic wastewater using UASBR
  • Technology sponsored by UGC. (Co-Investigator)
  • Development of strategies for protecting and rejuvenating
  • Urban Tanks – A Case Study in Mysore (Co-Investigator)
Journal Publications
  1. Vidya, V.K., Mysooru R. Yadupathi Putty and Manjunath, K.C. (2015): “Urban Tanks for Facilitating Reuse of Municipal Sewage – A Case Study in Mysuru, Karnataka”, Aquatic Procedia, 4, 1508-1513. 
  2. Kanchana Mysore Somashekar, M.R.Mahima and K. C. Manjunath (2015): “Contamination of Water Sources in Mysore City by Pesticide Residues and Plasticizer – A Cause of Health Concern”, Aquatic Procedia, 4, 1181-1188. 
  3. K.C.Manjunath, Samantha, B.S., Nikhilash, M., Poojitha, K., Manikantha Reddy S Benal (2017): “ Planning of Public Transport for Mysuru City Master Plan 2031”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology , ISSN:2278-0181, 6 (5), 871-876.
  4. Sowmyashree, B.K., Vidya, V.K., Putty, M.R.Y., Manjunath, K.C. (2018): “A study on Dalavayi Tank in Mysuru for Rehabilitation”, International Journal of Engineering Science Invention Research & Development, 4(8), February 2018. www.ijesird.com, E-ISSN:2349-6185.
Conference Proceedings
  1. Putty, M.R.Y., and Manjunath, K.C. (2005): “Planning the Rainwater Harvesting System – A Case Study in Mysore”, National Seminar on “Innovative Techniques in Sustainable Water Resources”, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar.
  2. Manjunath, K.C. and Putty, M.R.Y. (2006): “An Evaluation of Existing Rainwater Harvesting Systems, in and around Mysore”, 22nd National Convention of Civil Engineers “Water Resources Planning, Conservation and Management”, Institution of Engineers, Mysore - August, 2006: 188 – 195.
  3. Manjunath, K.C. and Putty, M.R.Y. (2007): “Performance Evaluation of a ‘DEWAT’ system near Bangalore”, International Conference on “Cleaner Technologies and Environmental Management’,  Pondicherry Engineering College, Pondicherry, January 2007.
  4. Madava, M.P, Manjunath K.C., Manjesh .L. (2010): “Role of Bio-Enzymes in Cost Effective Rural Roads Construction”, National Seminar on ‘Recent Developments in Design and Construction Technologies (REDECON – 2010)”, Association of consulting Civil Engineers (I) Bangalore Centre, Bangalore, January 2010. 
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  7. Manjunath, K.C & Amarnath, M.S. (2011): “Rating Techniques and Established of Terminal Serviceability for Rural Roads”, International Conference on Advances in Materials & Techniques for Infrastructure Development (AMTID 2011), Dept.of Civil Engg., National Institute of Technology, Calicut, September 2011.
  8. K. C. Manjunath and M. S. Amarnath (2013): “Structural Evaluation of Low Volume Road Pavements Using Pavement Dynamic Cone Penetration”, International Conference on ‘Recent Innovations in Civil Engineering’ , Gulbarga, India, October 2013.
  9. Vidya, V.K., K. C. Manjunath, Yadupathi Putty & Yusuf Javeed (2013): “Dried up Lakes around Mysore City- A case study of Moogiahana Hundi lake”,  National Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology-2013 (NCAET-2013), Ekalavya Institute of Technology. Ummatthur, Chamarajanagar, Nov.2013.
  10. Manjunath, K.C. and Meenakshi H.R. (2014): “Fertilizer Applications in Farm Lands and Nitrate Contamination of Ground Water –A Case Study in Mysore District”, International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management, Kozhikode, Kerala, Feb 2014.
  11. K.C.Manjunath & M.S.Amarnath (2016): “Distress Progression in Low Volume Flexible Pavements: A Case Study of PMGSY Roads in Karnataka”, A National conference on fifteen years of PMGSY, Transportation Engineering Group, Civil Engineering department, IIT Roorkee, Aug 6-7, 2016. 
  12. Mysooru R. Yadupathi Putty, Vidya, V.K. and Manjunath K.C. (2017): “Hydrological Investigations on Urban Tanks for Recycling Domestic Wastewater –An Illustration”, National seminar on Waste Conservation & Wastewater Management for Sustainable Development, organized by Dept. of Civil Engg., DSCE Jan -2017.
  13. Akshata P Durgekar and K.C.Manjunath (2017): “Design and Development of Anaerobic –Aerobic Treatment System for Reuse of High BOD Grey Water”, International Conference on Emerging trends in Science & Engineering (ICETSE-2017, Coorg Institute of Technology, Ponnampet, S .Kodagu, Karnataka, India, May, 2017.
  14. Punith Gowda, J., K.C.Manjunath (2018): “ Grey water management – A case study of Treatment system in Bengaluru”, International Civil Engineering Symposium -2018.
Book Chapters
  1. K.C. Manjunath, “Rain Water Harvesting”, The Green Book, 1st ed. Mysore, India: BAI, 2007, ch. 5, pp. 77-91.
  2. K.C. Manjunath, “Water Reuse”, Water Literacy, 1st ed. Mysore, India: State Resource Centre-Karnataka, ch. 10, pp. 136-142
  • Bio-Digester for Railway toilets
UG Courses
  • Highway Engineering
  • Engineering Economics and Financial Management
  • Architecture and Town Planning
  • Wastewater Engineering
     PG Courses
    • Environmental Management of Water Resources