Dr.M V Achutha


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Email: mvachutha@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 0821-4004995
About Me:

My service in NIE started in March 1988 as a lecturer. I was promoted as senior lecturer in 1993 and Selection grade lecturer in 1998. I am serving as professor from 2009 to date. My Primary research interests are in Fatigue studies of Metal Matrix and Polymer Matrix composites. However, I am also quite interested in studies on wear and fracture of composite materials due to relationship between fatigue, wear and fracture. One of my doctoral student successfully completed his research in studies on fracture toughness of polymer matrix composites while two of my doctoral students are working in the area of fatigue of thermo plastic composites and metal matrix hybrid composites.

I was instrumental in setting up Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre(IEDC) in 2010, Which was funded by Govt.of India, DST, to the tune of Rs.47 Lakhs. The IEDC Project was successfully completed in 2015 and 14 innovative projects carried out were applied for patent the details of which are given below.

I headed the Mechanical Department from Jan 2016 to Sept 2019. Under my supervision, The Siemens Technical Centre was set up in March 2019 with the funding from TEQIP III, to train UG/PG students to develop skills for design of automobiles, ships and aeroplanes. I was also supervising the research activities of NIE as dean R&D for a brief tenure from Sept 2019 to March 2020.Other than my research and student supervision I am also actively involved in the activities of Entrepreneurship and Start ups. I also teach number of courses the details of which are given below.

  • B.E. (Mysore Univ.)
  • M.E.M(Mysore Univ.)
  • M.Tech (IIT.Kharagpur)
  • Ph.D (Kuvempu Univ.)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre
  • National Association of Incubation Network
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    Conference Proceedings
    1. Arun Dixit, M.V.Achutha and B.K.Sridhara(2020), “Opportunities for Aluminium Lm6-Boron Carbide(B4c)Metal Matrix Composites in Fatigue Based Applications: A review, National Conference on Futuristic Trends in Materials , Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering(FTMMME-2020) 28-29Feb 2020, NIT Raipur.
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          Book Chapters
        1. Arun Dixit, M.V.Achutha and B.K.Sridhara(2019) “Evaluation of Critical Speed for Aluminium-Boron Carbide metal Matrix Composite Shaft”. - Lecture notes in Mechanical Engineering, Innovative Design Analysisand Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering,I-DAD,  Springer Nature Singapore, Pte ltd. 2019. Springer,527-534
          • Patents Applied Under IEDC: From 2013-2015
          1. First examination report from the Indian Patent Office of the patents applied has been received. The drafting and filing a response to the objections raised is being carried out in the prosecution stage as on May 2020.
          Patents applied are:
          1. Automation of Subjective Correction of Vision(EC)
          2. Development of refractory coating for buildings(CIVIL)
          3. Design and fabrication of a kit to supply LPG and BIO-Gas blend for domestic and industrial applications(MECHANICAL)
          4. Automatic hand brake system(MECHANICAL)
          5. Design and development of a test rig to determine the thermal and oxidation stability of biodiesel(MECHANICAL)
          6. Design and fabrication of hybrid bicycle with variable momentum energy recovery and conversion system(MECHANICAL)
          7. Replacement of femoral stem in total hip anthroplasty using a novel composite material(MECHANICAL)
          8. Development of bagasse ash as refractory material in cement and concrete(CIVIL)
          9. Development of masonry blocks manufactured by recycled brick powder stabilized with cement and crumb rubber as an additive(CIVIL)
          10. A system and method for a cloud based virtual cooking platform and an automatic cooking device(MECHANICAL)
          11. Wind energy conversion system for low wing speed operation using counter rotating generator and vertical axis wind turbine(ELECTRICAL)
          12. Development of eco friendly aerobic anaerobic bio digester for railways(CIVIL)
          13. Development of portable container used to transport and store perishable vegetables, fruits in healthy condition(ELECTRICAL)
          14. Design and development of a bicycle with automatic and continuous variable transmission(MECHANICAL)
          • Metallurgy and Advanced materials
          • Mechatronics,
          • Industrial Robotics
          • Mechanical Measurements and Metrology
          • Manufacturing process I,II & III
          • Machine Drawing
          • CAD/CAM
          • Rapid Prototyping