Dr.Mamta D


Department of Mathematics

Email: mathshod@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 9844724974
About Me:

Highly passionate about my teaching profession, I have garnered knowledge by acquiring a Doctorate in Mathematics. My research publications are spread across Number Theory and Special Functions. Presently two research candidates are pursuing Ph.D in Graph Theory under my guidance.

Serving this esteemed institution for 33years I had the privilege of   heading the department for 7 years and being Hostel warden for 5 years.

  • B.Sc(University of Mysore)
  • M.Sc (University of Mysore)
  • Ph.D (University of Mysore)
Journal Publication:
  1. M. R. Rajesh kanna, D. Mamta and R.S. Indumathi(2017): “Computation of Topological Indices of Triglyceride” , Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 13( 6) , 1631-1638.
  2.  R. Jagadeesh, M.R. Rajesh Kanna, D. Mamta, R. Pradeep Kumar(2016) : “Minimum Dominating Maximum Degree Energy of a Graph”, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, (13), 2850-2855, 
  3.  D.D.Somashekara and D. Mamta(2012): ” On the three variable Reciprocity Theorem and its Applications” ,The Australian Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications,  9 ( 1),  1-9. 
  4.  D.D. Somashekara and D. Mamta (2008): “On Some Identities of Ramanujan Found in his Lost Note Book” ,Advanced Studies in Contemporary Mathematics, 16 (2),   171-180
  5.  S. Bhargava, D.D. Somashekara, D. Mamta(2007): “ A New Convolution Identity Deducible From The Remarkable Formula Of Ramanujan” , Taiwanese Journal of M,athematics , 11(2), 399-406.
  6.  Jozsef Sandor, D.D. Somashekara and D. Mamta (2007): “ On Some Arithmetic and Real Variable Functions”, Octogen Mat. Mag, 15(1),  63-73
  7.  D. Mamta and D.D. Somashekara(2006): “ Interesting Generalizations of the Additive Analogues of the Euler Minimum and Maximum Functions”, South East Asian J.Math.Sc. 4(2) 27-32,
  8. D. Mamta and D.D. Somashekara(2006): “ On Some Continued Fraction Expansions For The Ratios of 2 psi2”, Far East J. Math. Sci. (FJMS) 23 (1), 65-80.
  • UG- Mathematics for I,II,III,and IV Sem B.E
  • PG- Mathematics for M.Tech courses
  • Mathematics for Lateral Entry Students
  • Mathematics for Employed Diploma Holders