Dr. P N Chandramouli

Controller of Examinations & Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

Email: pncmouli@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 9448773056
About Me:

Graduated in Civil Engineering branch from Mysore university with first class with distinction in the year 1985, I did post graduation in Hydromechanics and Water Resource Engineering from IISC Bangalore in the year 1995, My Ph.D is from IIT Roorkee in the field of Hydraulics in the year 2009. I am serving the same institution from 1986 till today (34 years of service). I got professor post in the year 2009. I served this Institute with various capacities like

  • Officer in-charge for extensive survey camp.
  • Coordinator for CRC (2011)
  • Hydraulics Lab –In charge (2009)
  • Evening College Co-ordinator from 16th Sept. 2019 to till date
  • Scholarship committee member Oct 2019 (upto 3 years) 
So far, I have written seven text books catering both UG & PG. Students of different university of India. My area of interest is in Hydraulics is Parameter estimation in vadose zone.So far I have published 20 Journal paper
  • B.E. (Mysore Univ.)
  • M.Tech (IISc)
  • Ph.D (IIT Roorkee)
Honored on 15th Sept, 2014 by NIEMC & Teachers Association, NIE
Text Books
  1. Fluid Mechanics & Machinery published by Oxford University Press in October 2010, ISBN- 0-19-569963-7
  2. Engineering Mechanics published by PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi in  July 2011, - ISBN -978-81-203-4422-8
  3. Fundamentals of Strength of Materials by PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi in December 2012, ISBN -978-81-203-4672-7
  4. Continuum Mechanics  by Yes Dee Publishing Pvt. Ltd. , Chennai in March 2014
  5. Structural Analysis -I by YesDee Publication Pvt. Ltd, Chennai in August 2015.
  6. Applied Hydraulics Engineering by Yesdee Publication Pvt. Ltd., Chennai in Feb  2017
  7. Theory of Elasticity by Yesdee Pvt. Ltd., Chennai in March 2017
  Journal Publications
  1. Reshma, H.S, Dr P.N. Chandramouli. (2019): “Geostatistical analysis of groundwater data”, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, 9(1), 2734-2741.
  2. Roshini, R, Dr P.N.Chandramouli. (2019):  “Incorporation of Long term climate changes in Hydrological Modelling”, International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering 8(10), 4521-4526.
  3. Avinash,G, Dr. P.N.Chandramouli, (2018): “Assessment of Reservoir sedimentation using RS and GIS techniques – A case study of Kabini Resevoir, Karnataka, India” International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology 5(08), 630-635.
  4. Yashasvini D.H, Dr. P.N.Chandramouli, Dr.Shivakumar Naiklal,(2018): “Morphometric analysis using Arc GIS techniques a case study of Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka, India”, International Journal of Technical Innovation in Modern Engineering  & Science, 4(5), 397-404.
  5. Yashasvini, D.H, Dr. P.N.Chandramouli & Dr. Shivakumar Naiklal,(2018) “Estimation of surface runoff volume in Chamarajanagara District using SCS-CN Method”, International Journal of Scientific Development and Research  3(5),95-99.
  6. Yashasvini, D.H, Dr. P.N.Chandramouli & Dr. Shivakumar Naiklal,(2018): “Vulnerability assessment using composite drought index (CDI) for Chamarajanagar District”, International Journal of Scientific Development and Research 3(5),100-107. 
  7. Putty, M.R.Y, Tipperudrappa, N.M. and Dr. P.N.Chandramouli (2014): Hydrological Feasibility of Gravity Diversion of the West Flowing Nethravathi in Karnataka”, Jour. Earth System Science, Ind. Aca. Sc., 123(8), 1781-1792.
  8. K.S.Hari Prasad, C.S.P.Ojha M.ASCE, Dr. P.N.Chandramouli, & Chandra A. Madramootoo, (2010):Estimation of Unsaturated Hydraulic parameters from infiltration and Internal Drainage Experiments”, Journal of Irrigation & Drainage Engg at ASCE. 
    Conference Proceedings
    1. Gowtham Prasad M.E, Shivaprasad H., Shruthi H.G., Dr. P.N.Chandramouli, Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram and Rajath Rajshekhar,(2017): “Durability Assessment Methodology for concrete structures”, Proceeding of International Conference on Current trends in Engg. Science and Technology, Jan 2017.
    2. Kavyashree B.A., and Dr.P.N.Chandramouli,(2016): “ A Mathematical model of fluid flows in open rectangular and triangular channels”, International Conference on Research Challenges in Engineering and Technology, Puttur  during August 18 -19, 2016.
    3. Pramodkumar & Dr.P.N.Chandramouli,(2016): “A study on effects of varying parameters on open channel flow with circular section”, Proceeding of National conference on Contemporary Advancements in Civil Engineering Practices –CACEP 2016 at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore during  May 23, 2016.
    4. Madura M.J., & Dr. P.N.Chandramouli, (2016):  “Normal –depth calculations in complex channel sections”, National conference on “Recent Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture for Sustainable Development” during Feb 18-19, 2016.
    5. Vinod P.N,  Dr. P.N.Chandramouli., Manfred Koch,(2015): “ Estimation of Nitrate leaching in ground water in an agriculturally used area in the State Karnataka, India, Using existing model and GIS”, International Conference on Water Resources and Ocean Engineering , March 2015
    6. Gowtham Prasad M.E. & Dr. P.N.Chandramouli,(2014): “ Computer code for the solution of essential parameters (critical depth & normal depth)  in Trapezoidal channel section”, International conference on emerging trends in engineering at Nitte during May 15-17,2014.
    7. Vinod P.N & Dr. P.N.Chandramouli,(2014): “Estimation of nitrate leaching in ground water –A case study” , International symposium on integrated water resources management CWRDM, Kozhikode, Kerala, India during Feb 19-21, 2014.
    8. Dr. P.N.Chandramouli,(2011): “Determination of unsaturated soil parameters from internal drainage experiments using inverse procedure”, International conference on emerging trends in engineering, NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte-, Karnataka, India during May 4-5, 2011, 
    9. Dr. P.N.Chandramouli, Chethan S, Govind D. Murthy, Kathyayini and Venugopal C.N.,(2011): “A Comparative study of textural and laboratory methods in estimating the hydraulic conductivity” National Conference on Recent Developments in Civil Engineering, Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering & Technology at Mysore, Karnataka during April 8-9, 2011.
    10. Dr. P. N.Chandramouli, Sumaraj, MadhushreeA.R., Chandan M.C., Manoj K.G, (2011):  “Estimation of retention parameters using pressure plate extractor data” National Conference on Recent Developments in Civil Engineering, Vidya Vikas Institute of   Engineering & Technology at Mysore, Karnataka during April 8-9, 2011.
    11. Dr. P.N.Chandramouli, K.S.Hariprasad, C.S.P.Ojha & Talari Venkata Gopal,(2009): “Determination of unsaturated soil parameters from infiltration experiments using inverse procedure” International Conference “Water Environment, Energy and Society (WEES – 2009) New Delhi during Jan12-16, 2009.
    12. K.Keshava Murthy,  M.N.Sheshaprakash, & Dr. P.N.Chandramouli,(1996): “Self basing linear weir of constant  accuracy using the solution of proportional 3 halves power weir  with a parabolic base”,  All India seminar on Hydraulic Engg at The Institute of Engineering Nagpur Local centre during  Jan 27-28,  1996 .
    UG Courses
    • Engineering Mechanics 
    • Strength of materials
    • Fluid Mechanics I & II
    • Engineering Hydrology
    • Irrigation Engineering
    PG Courses
    • Ideal fluid flow 
    • Real fluid flow
    • Open channel hydraulics
    • Ground water hydrology
    • Design of Hydraulic structures
    • Hydro Power Engineering
    • Design of Turbo machines