Dr.Prakash K R

HoD & Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Email: krp@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 8105473206
About Me:

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My primary research interest is new material, automation and control .Over 25 years of experience out of which 10 years in industries and remaining in academia as a result of industry exposure in projects management Visvesvaraya Technological University shortlisted my name for an automation training in germany in the year 2004 and later worked as Special officer for university (VTU) during 2006-2011 to develop a centre of excellence in automation technology with the collaboration of Bosch Rexroth, this assignment has given me a lot of strength to solve technical problems in the field of automation as result got an opportunity to become resource person for many FPD & Corporate Programs which includes  faculties from different state & industry employees .Apart from this  provided many expert sessions to NITs & IITs. Presently working as professor in NIE with additional responsibilities such as  Program Coordinator for Industrial automation and robotics & dean Industrial Relations. also responsible for executions of  centre for robotics and controls under KCTU Govt of Karnataka and centre for Automation Technology- Department of Science & Technology to support research scholars in the area of sensor materials, material coating, automation, robotics and IoT. During the period from 2006 to till date conducted trainings to more than 3500 students across vtu colleges and trained more than 600 faculties from different states and 500 corporate employees for my contribution to this field VTU has honoured in the year-2019 & in 2020 acquired first patent on VR For Remote laboratory and in 2021 received distinguished professor award

  • BE (Mechanical Engineering), 1990, Bangalore University
  • M’Tech (Maintenance Engineering) 1993, SJCE-Mysuru
  • PhD (Mechanical Engineering), 2011, Visvesvaraya Technological University Courses
  1. DST-FIST Centre for Automation Technology 97 Lakhs (Duration 2014-2019)
  2.  2.Centre For Robotics and controls -50 Lakhs (Duration 2014-2019)
  3. New Age Incubation (NAIN) –Projects -2 Lakhs 2017 -2020
  4. ARTPARK IISC Student Innovation Project(As Mentor) -Rs 1.8 Lakhs -Year 2021
  • INDO PACIFIC DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR AWARD In recognition of consistence superior  performance in AUTOMATION& ROBOTICS -Year 2021
  • VTU honoured in 2019 for the  services provided to the University as Special officer
  • Bosch Rexroth Germany Awarded The Train The Trainer Certificate for Fluid Power system
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      1. METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PERFORMING EXPERIMENTS IN A REMOTE LABORATORY. Patent Number- 365876. Application number-201941041529. Mainly on Method of Connecting devices using AR/VR for remote laboratories
      2. 6018/CHE/2014-[Our Ref: IP-2047-IN-14150274-NPA-2015]-A SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COOKING USING A PROGRAMMABLE COOKING DEVICE. Published and awaiting Patent Award. This device is on Automatic cooking from a remote location using recipes  selection
      • Sensors and its application in manufacturing
      • Modelling,Simulation and Analysis of Manufacturing systems Dynamics of Machinery
      • Theory of Machines Control Engineering Hydraulic and Pnuematics Mechatronics
      • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
      •  Industrial Automation and Robotics
      • Drives and Controls for Automation