Dr. R Chidanandappa

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Email: chidananda@nie.ac.in
Phone No:
About Me: My primary research interests are in Distribution automation ,Smart grid with a Power electronics control and Power quality problems. However, I am also quite interested in Electric vehicle integration to grid with battery storage application. My doctoral and Masters students tend to work in these areas. Other than my own research and student supervision, I am the PG -Power System programme coordinator, Head of Centre of Excellence - Centre of Energy Management and Testing of Electrical Apparatus (CEMATEA) in Electrical and Engineering department and actively involved in Industrial consultancy and Testing. I am working with the VGST KFIST- L1 sanctioned Research project  titled ”Establishment of Real time monitoring system R&D Facility for efficient operation of Campus power distribution network” with research fund Rs.20 Lakhs. I am reviewer of International Journal paper Electrical systems and components, Taylor and Francis group. I am the member of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Committee at institute level.
  • B E (Kuvempu University)
  • M. Tech (VTU, Belagavi)
  • Ph D (VTU, Belagavi)
  • International Journal Paper Reviewer - Electrical Systems and Components, Taylor and Fransis group.

Journal Publication

  1. Venkatesh, A., Pradeepa H., Chidanandappa R., Shankar Nalinakshan., and Jayasankar V.N, S. “Brushless Motor Performance Optimization by Eagle Strategy with Firefly and PSO”International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology:2106.11135(2020), pp146- 153
  2. Hemanth Gurumurthy ., SureshaBheemappa. , RudramuniChidanandappa. , Pradhyumna Bhat "Optimization of Bio-based Liquid Transformer Insulator using MOORA Method." Electric Power Components and Systems 48.12-13 (2020): 1401-1409.
  3. Chidanandappa. R, Dr. T. Ananthapadmanabha, Anjali G (2017) “Network Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution Network with DG using Cuckoo Search algorithm” International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol. 5, Issue 6.
  4. Chidanandappa. R, Dr. T. Ananthapadmanabha, Ranjith. H.C (2016) “Multiobjective Elitism based Genetic algorithm for Service Restoration Planning through Feeder Reconfiguration in Distribution System with DG” Journal of Electrical engineering, Politehnica, Romania, volume -16, issue-1, pp-365-374.
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  6. Chidanandappa. R, Dr. T. Ananthapadmanabha, Vishwanath.S(2015) “Priority algorithm based coordinated voltage control for distribution systems with distributed wind generators”, International Journal Elsevier’s “Procedia Technology”, volume 21 , pp 368 – 375.
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Conference Publication

  1. Chidanandappa. R, Hemashree M (2018) “Performance analysis of solar PV Generation System” proceedings of International Conference on Innovations in Engineering, Technology and Sciences- (ICIETS), NIE-IT ,Mysore during September 21-22 ,2018
  2. Chidanandappa. R, Dr. T. Ananthapadmanabha, Pooja H R (2017) “PSO based Distribution System Network Reconfiguration with PV-type multiple DGs”, proceedings of International Conference Smart grid, Power and Control Engineering -ICSPACE 2017 , Glob.al Academy of Technology , Bengaluru, during 17th -19th April 2017.
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  4. Chidanandappa. R, Dr. T. Ananthapadmanabha, (2016) “An Integrated Gravitational Search Multi-Objective Algorithm for Distribution Network Feeder Reconfiguration with DGs”, in proceedings of IEEE- International Conference on Electrical Electronics, and Optimization Techniques (ICEEOT) – during March 3-5, 2016, DMI College of Engg. Chennai. (Available in IEEE Explore digital library)
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UG Courses
  • Electrical Power Quality
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • HVDC Power Transmission
  • DC Machines and Transformer
  • Power System Operation and Control
PG Courses
  • Advanced Power System Analysis and Stability
  • Power System Dynamics and Control
  • Power Electronics Converters and Applications
  • Electrical Power Distribution Automation and control