Dr. Salila Hegde

Associate Professor

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Email: salilahegde@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 9448790279
About Me:

I have industry experience of 7 years and academic experience of 18+years. I have worked in ISRO, Bangalore as Scientist-C during 1994 to 1996. In industry I have worked on design and development, testing of Data loggers, Embedded systems, satellite communication systems, software development in assembly, C/C++.

In Academics I have worked in NIEIT, PESIT and Amrita College of Engg earlier. In NIEIT (NORTH CAMPUS) I was heading ECE Department and served as In-charge Principal.

My area of interests are Digital Image Processing, VLSI Design, Embedded Systems.

  1. B.E. degree from BVBCE, Karnataka University
  2. M.Tech. degree from PESIT, VTU
  3. Ph.D. degree from NIE, VTU
Number Theoretic Transforms for Fast Digital Computation Medical Image compression Scheme using Number Theoretic Transform
  • * II rank to University in BE
  • * III Rank to university in M.Tech
  • * National Merit Scholarship
  • * Paper reviewer for Scopus journal Materials Today: Proceedings
  • * Delivered technical talks
  • * Role as HOD and Principal In charge in NIEIT,(NIE NORTH).
International Journals
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National Journals
  1. SalilaHegde, Rohini Nagapadma, Narasimha Koulgud,’Accelerating Huffman Algorithm using Multicore Platform’, Journal of the Instrument Society of India, ISOI, IISC, volume 45,no4,pp.233-235, dec.2015,ISSN: 0970-9983.
International Conferences
  1. Salila Hegde, Rohini Nagapadma,’ Performance Comparison of Image Compression Algorithms’, E-Proceedings of second international conference on Signal Processing, Image Processing and VLSI ,ICRTSIV-2015,Research publishing.  DOI:10.3850/978-981-09-6200-5_IP-36.
    • Salila Hegde, Narasimha Koulgud, "Accelerating Huffman Algorithm using Multicore Platform" Two Day  Conference NSI40, KCT Coimbatore, 30th and 31th Oct 2015 by IISc.
    • Salila Hegde, Rohini Nagapadma,”Medical Image compression Scheme using Number Theoretic Transform” at “ISCMM “,Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT), Sikkim, India during 26th to 27th of February, 2019
National Conferences
    • Salila Hegde, ”Proposed Image compression algorithm using number theoretic transform” Presented a paper at  National conference on “Recent trends in Communication Technology” at Karnataka State higher education council in association with Tumkur University at Bangalore, 13th Jan 2012.
    • Salila Hegde,”Number Theoretic Transforms for fast Digital Computation” –National conference “NCCOSINE”, at NIE, Mysuru, on 17th and 18th May 2018.
UG Courses:
  1. Analog Electronic Circuits
  2. Linear Integrated Circuits
  3. Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements
  4. Microcontrollers-8051
  5. Microprocessors-8086
  6. CMOS VLSI Design
  7. Verilog HDL
  8. Digital Image Processing
  9. LOgic Design
  10. Programming in C++
  11. Datastructures using C++
  12. Embedded systems
  13. ARM Microcontrollers
PG Courses:
  1. Network Protocol Engineering