Dr.Sathisha H M

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Email: sathishahm@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 6363418296
About Me:

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I have received PhD from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati in the department of Mechanical Engineering and specialized in Fluids and Thermal Engineering. The research activities involved in the field of redox flow batteries with a strong focus on analytical and numerical modelling of the all-vanadium redox flow batteries. I have studied the performance of the all vanadium redox flow battery analytically and numerically.

My research area includes, Energy storage systems (Redox flow batteries), Heat and mass transfer analysis of vegetables and fruits, Heat treatment processes simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Renewable energy systems.

I was working as Assistant Professor in the of Department of Mechanical Engineering at BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore (July 2016 to September 2018). Recently I started collaborative research with Thermet Solutions Pvt Ltd Bangalore. Research activity involving development of mathematical and experimental models to analyse cooling characteristics of various heat treatment processes of different materials.

  • B.E. (PESIT Bangalore, VTU.)
  • M.Tech (NITK Surathkal)
  • Ph.D (IIT Guwahati)
Journal Publications
  1. Managuli S.C., Aswath., Sathisha, H.M., and K.N. Seetharamu, 2019, “Numerical Simulation of Heat and Mass Transfer Along with Shrinkages in Brinjal(Eggplant/Solonummelongena)”, International Journal of Recent Technology And Engineering (IJRTE), ISSN:2277-3878, Volume-8, Issue-4, 2867-2872.
  2. Sathisha, H.M., and Dalal, A., 2018, “An unsteady model to study the effects of porosity and temperature in all-vanadium redox flow battery with mass transfer and ion diffusion”, Sudipta De, Sustainable Energy Technology and Policies, A Transformational Journey, (Volume 2, pp-379-396),: Springer.
  3. Sathisha H. M., and Dalal, A., 2015, “2D Unsteady Simulation of All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery”, ASME Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, vol. 8(1), pp. 011019 (1-14).
Conference Proceedings
  1. Sathisha H.M., and Dalal, A., A Three Dimensional Isothermal Stationary Numerical Model of All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery, Paper No: FMFP2015-66, Proceedings of the Forty Second National Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, December 14-16, 2015, NITK Surathkal, Karnataka, India.
  2. Sathisha, H.M., and  Dalal, A., A Lumped Thermal Model for The All-vanadium Redox Flow Battery, Paper No: IHMTC2015-613, Proceedings of the 23rd National Heat and Mass Transfer Conference and 1st International ISHMT-ASTFE Heat and Mass Transfer Conference,  December 28-31, 2015, Thiruvananthapuram, India.
  3. Sathisha, H. M., and Dalal, A., 2014, 3D Unsteady Numerical Simulation of All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery, Paper No: 528, 5th International and 41st National Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, December 12-14, 2014, IIT Kanpur, India.
  4. Sathisha, H.M., and  Dalal, A., 2D Transient Numerical Simulation Of All-vanadium Redox Flow Battery, Paper No: HMTC1300282, 22nd National and 11th International ISHMT-ASME Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, December 28-31, 2013, IIT Kharagpur, India.
  5. Sathisha, H.M., and Dalal, A., Simplified Mathematical Model To Evaluate The Performance of The All-vanadium Redox Flow Battery, Paper No: HT2013-17366, ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference, July 14-19, 2013, Minneapolis, MN, USA.
  6. Sathisha H.M, Surendra K.H, Shainath K and RavikiranKadoli (2011), Computational Fluid Dynamic Tools for the Performance Evaluation of Blow Pipe of a Pulse Jet Fabric Filter Baghouse, Proceedings of 27th National Convention of Environmental Engineers, Mangalore.
  7. Sathisha H.M, P Kondaiah, RavikiranKadoli and AppuKuttan K.K (2010), Investigation on free vibration due to laminar flow of lubricant in a pipe, International Conference on Frontiers In Mechanical Engineering (FIME), NITK Surathkal.
    UG courses
    • Basic Thermodynamics
    • Applied Thermodynamics
    • Heat Transfer 
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Mechanical Engineering Science
    • Elements of Engineering Drawing
    PG courses 
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Research Methodology