Dr. Shashidhara H. R.

Associate Professor

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Email: shashidharahr@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 8095999271
About Me:

I am working in the field of VLSI verification and testing technique, ASIC design for image biometric traits, however I am currently working on Memcomputing design & implementation and Network on Chip. I am awarded with 3 best papers in different international conferences. I am a senior member of IEEE and appointed as a District coordinator for Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka under IEEE Bengaluru section. I am reviewed different papers in IEEE transactions and Journals like Signal processing, system journals and reviewed papers in Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers-World scientific Society, International Journal of Embedded and real-time communication Systems-IGI Global, International Journal of Virtual and Augmented Reality-IGI Global and various international conferences sponsored by IEEE, Springer and Elsevier.

I am having 18+ years of teaching and Industry experience in that majorly I am appointed as a valuation coordinator for VTU valuation centre at SBMJCE, Bengaluru in the year 2008 to 2010 as I served in SBMJCE as Senior Lecturer. In JSSATE, Bengaluru I am worked as an Assistant Professor from 2010 to 2018, here I served as a Purchase committee member, NBA coordinator for the Department of E&C.
  • B E (Mangalore University, Mangalore)
  • M. Tech (VTU, Belagavi)
  • Ph. D (VTU, Belagavi)
PG Coordinator
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    UG Courses 
    • System Verilog
    • RF Microelectronics
    • Embedded Systems
    • Automotive Electronics
    • Network Security
    • Computer Networks
    • CMOS VLSI Design
    • DSD using Verilog
    PG Courses 
    • Protocol Engineering
    • Network Protocol Design
    • Cyber Security
    • Multicore Architecture
    • Multimedia Communication
    • VLSI Design Verification
    • Reconfigurable computing Architecture
    • ASIC Design