Dr. Sumithra

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

Email: sumithra@nie.ac.in
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  • M.Sc
  • Ph.D
  • Assistant Professor
  • Sumithra , Malpashree R, Rakshith B. R, Some topological indices of edge-neighborhood corona of two graphs, Advanced Studies in Contemporary Mathematics 27(2017), No. 3, pp.333-346
  • C. Adiga, Rakshith B. R, Sumithra, N. Anitha, On Wiener and weighed Wiener indices of neighborhood corona of two graphs, International J. Math. Combin. Vol.4(2016),97-108
  • C. Adiga, Malpashree R, Sumithra, The distance status connectivity index of graphs and its multiplicative version, Indian J. Discrete Math, Vol. 2, No.1, pp. 36-50
  • A.C. Adiga, Rakshith B. R, Sumithra, Distance spectra of some graph operations and some new distance equienergetic graphs of diameter 3, TWMS J. App. Eng. Math. V.9, N.3, 2019, pp. 581-588­­­
  • Engineering Mathematics