Dr. Yusuf Javeed

Professor and Head

Department of Civil Engineering

Email: yjaveed@gmail.com
Phone No: 9986062198
About Me: Undergraduate
  • Irrigation Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Ground Water Hydrology
  • Water Resources Management
    • M.E.(Engg. Mngt-UOM)
    • M.Tech (Env. Engg-IIT Bom)
    • M.E.(Groundwater-The Netherlands)
    • Ph.D(Water Resources-IISc, Bang.)
  • Professor
  • TEQIP –III Coordinator (Academics)
  • Sajid.S.A., Javeed, Y., Nagaraju, D. (2003). Conservation, Artificial Recharge of Groundwater to overcome Groundwater Depletion- Case Study around Chamarajnagar Area (Karnataka). Proceedings of ISWRPM- 2003, 11-12 October, 2003, BITS, Pilani. (NC)
  • Sekar.M.,Rasmi S.N., Javeed Y., Gowrisankar D., and Ruiz L., (2006) Advances Modeling the ground water dynamics in a semi-arid hard rock aquifer influenced by boundary fluxes, spatial and temporal variability in pumping /recharge. Advances in Geosciences, Hydrological Sciences (ed) Park, N, Vol.4, P.173-181. (IJ)
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  • Sekhar,M., Javeed, Y., Bandyopadhyay S. and Mazzega, P. Analysis of groundwater dynamics due to climatic variability and land use effects: A case study in the Kabiniriver basin of South of India. Proceedings of workshop on Ground water scenario, water quantity and enhancement of water use efficiency in Karnataka and Goa, Bangalore 25-26 Feb 2009, pp. 58-65.(NC)
  • Y. Javeed, M. Sekhar, S. Bandyopadhyay, EOF and SSA analyses of hydrological time series to assess climatic variability and land use effects: A case study in the Kabini River basin of South India. Trends and Sustainability of Ground water in Highly stressed Aquifers (Proc. Of Symposium JS.2 at the Joint IAHS & IAH convention, Hyderabad, India, Hyderabad, India, September 2009) (IC)
  • Sekar M., Javeed Y. & Mangiarotti S., Climatic variability and anthropogenic effects on ground behavior in the upper Cauvery river basin ( south India) International Ground water conference on Ground water Dynamics and Global change March 19-22, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur (NC)
  • M.Sekar, Y.Javeed, B.S.Soumya, S. Bandyopadhyay and P.Mazzega Time series and water balance models to asses the climatic variability and land use effects in Kabini river basin, South India. Goldschmidt Conference June 2126, 2009 in Davos, Switzerland. (IC)
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  • S. Mangiarotti, M. Sekhar, L. Berthon, Y. Javeed, P. Mazzega “Causality analysis of groundwater dynamics based on a Vector Autoregressive model in the semi-arid basin of Gundal (South India), Journal of Applied Geophysics, 83 (2012) 1–10(IJ)
  • Vidya V.K., K.C.Manjunath, Yadupathi Putty & Yusuf Javeed, “Dried up lakes around Mysore city- A case study of Moogiahana Hundi lake & National Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology-2013 (NCAET-2013), Nov.2013, Ekalavya institute of technology. Ummatthur, Chamarajanagar. (NC)
  • Nagarathna H.R & Yusuf Javeed, “ Assessment of ground water draft and recharge using census datasets”, International symposium on Integrated water Resources Management (IWRM-2014) Feb 19- 21, 2014, CWRDM, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. (IC)
  • Apoorva K.V. and Yusuf Javeed. Rainfall – Runoff Simulation Using Hec-Hms Tool (A Case Study of Nethravathi River Basin). International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering (ICETE -2014) @ NITTE 15th – 17th May, 2014(IC)
  • Yusuf Javeed & Aproova K.V, “ Flow Regionalization under limited data availability – application of IHACRES in the Western Ghats” International Conference/Journal on Water Resources, Coastal & Ocean Engineering (ICWRCOE 2015) on March 2015 (IC)
  • Priyanka Jamwal, M.N.Naveen, and Yusuf Javeed , “ Estimating fast and slow reacting components in surface water and groundwater using a two-reactant model”, Drinking Water Engineering and Science, 19-25 September 2016.(IJ)
Books Published:
  • PhD thesis- Analysis of Ground water dynamics in semi arid regions: effect of rainfall variability and pumping.