Assistant Professor (FTC)

Department of Civil Engineering

Email: harshithy@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 0821-4004947
About Me:

I strive to be prompt and efficient in my teaching methods. I also like to remain approachable. I do not want to make my students feel that I am judgmental or critical rather that I am encouraging and supportive.

  • BE (Civil): SDMIT, DK
  • M.Tech in Hydraulics Engineering , VTU , Belagavi
  • Assistant Professor
  • Y Harshith and A A Pathak, “Evaluation of Different Infiltration Models in a Varied Soils of an Agricultural Catchment”, Environment, development and Sustainability, 24. No.9.September 2022
  • Y Harshith and A A Pathak., “Evaluation of Infiltration Models in an Agricultural Catchment Using Guelph Permeameter in Mysuru District”, “Surface and Groundwater Resources Development and Management in Semi-arid Region”, Springer Hydrogeology, November (2022)
  • M.Tech – Design of Hydraulic Structures.
  • BE- Sustainable Rural Development, Engineering Mechanics.