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Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Shamsundar Subbarao ,  is  working as Associate professor , at Dept Of Mechanical Engineering , The National Institute Of Engineering, Mysuru.  He is also  HEAD of Centre for Renewable energy and sustainable Technologoes ( NIE -CREST),  at The National institute of engineering Mysuru. He has 30 years of Teaching experience in the field of Renewable energy, Power plant engineering, Automotive mechanics, Thermodynamics , Mcrogrid and other thermal subjects.  He has more than 12years of experience in designing  Renewable energy systems viz, Rainwater harvesting systems, Biogas and Bio CNG  from waste , waste to energy projects, waste  composters, biodiesel from waste oil  and other green technologies. He also work on projects pertaining to  RE- Microgrids, Biomass Energy Technologies , Solar Energy , and other sustainable & green technologies. He has also responsibility as :Co-ordinator Mysore District Biofuel I&D centre, Govt. Of Karnataka  at NIE  Mysuru which hosts a 50liter /batch Biodiesel production  unit at NIE, Mysore

  • M.Sc, University of Oldenberg, Germany, 2000
  • B.E. Karnatak University, Dharwad, Karnataka, India, 1989
  • Design and Fabrication of Solar Hybrid Photovoltaic and Water Heating Systems
  • Design and Fabrication of Stirling Engine Systems
  • Design and Fabrication of a Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System
  • Design and Fabrication of a kit to supply LPG Bio-gas Blend for Domestic and Industrial Applications
  • Fabrication of a test rig to determine the oxidation stability of bio-fuels Micro grids for Sustainable Global Development
  • Biosensor Project- For the detection of pesticides in water
  • Nanotechnology for Solar Cells
  • Bio-fuel Information and Demonstration Centre
  • Rotary Parisara Mithra award, Rotary Mysuru 2018-19
  • Pride of Mysuru Award-2015
  • Pragathi Prathistana, Mysore
  • Best Engineer Award-2014”, Lions club of Mysore 
  • Dakshina Kesari - Best Engineer Award-2011, Lions club of Mysore, South
  • DAAD-Germany, Scholarship for Master Degree studies, 1999-2000
Journal Publications
    1. Anusha Manur, Maitreyee Marathe, Ashray Manur, Abhishek Ramachandra, Shamsundar Subbarao, Giri Venkataramanan, “Smart Solar Home System with Solar Forecasting” ,Published in: 2020 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (PESGRE2020), Cochin, India.  ISBN Information: Electronic ISBN: 978-1-7281-4251-7.USB ISBN: 978-1-7281-4250-0. Publisher: IEEE
    2. M. A. Sangamesh, K. Pushpalatha, G. L. Shekar, and S. Shamsundar, “Preparation and Characterization of  Nanocrystalline CuS Thin Films for Dye-Sensitized Solar cells”, ISRN Nanomaterials Volume 2013, Article ID 829430,
   Conference/Poster Publications
  1. S. Shamsundar, Dhananjaya K N, P. Sowmya “Kitchen Waste Biogas Plant-an Innovative Technology for Waste Management; A Case Study of 60 kg Per Day Biogas Plant at Postal Training Centre, Mysore, India” Published in proceedings of International Conference on Biological Waste as Resource with a Focus on Food Waste, BWAR-2014, Hong Kong.
  2. Shamsundar Subbarao, Dhananjaya K N, “Decentralized-Biodiesel Plant: A Viable Business Opportunity for Rural Areas”, Green Summit-2014, Bangalore, India.(Poster)
  3. Shamsundar Subbarao, Padmavathi P Dhananjaya, K N Sowmya, “Aranyaka –Ecofriendly and Sustainable Antipoaching Unit at Bandipur”, Green Summit-2014, (5/6/2014 to 7/6/2014) Bangalore, India.(Poster)
  4. Shamsundar Subbarao, R G Nagaraj, Dhananjaya, K N “Biogas Plant at Mysore Zoo: A case study of sustainable waste management and Energy Conservation”, Green Summit-2014, Bangalore, India.(Poster).
  5. M R Mahima , K C Manjunath , S Shamsundar, “Evaluating the Effluent Quality of Biodigesters in Mysore City”, Published in proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Solid Waste Management (4th ICON SWM) Hyderabad, India.
  6. Shamsundar Subbarao, Dhananjaya K N, “Biodiesel plant: A viable Cottage Industry for Rural Areas presented at National Conference on Future of Rural Chemical Industries in India” Proceedings of FCRII-2014, Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization (MGIRI), 16-01-2014 to 17-01-2014,Wardha, India.
  7. Shamsundar Subbarao, Jagannatha V, Dhananjaya K N, “Bio-waste to Energy; Projects implemented by NIE-CREST” Proceedings of ICONSWM-2012, 31-07-2012 to 02-08-2012, Infosys, Mysore.
  8. Shamsundar Subbarao, Dhananjaya K N, “Sustainable Energy and waste management: A good practice at Administrative Training Institute [ATI], Mysore” Proceedings of the National Conference on Thrust Areas in Engineering [NCTAE-2012], 20 to 21st January 2012, Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore
  9. Shamsundar Subbarao, Vaishaali Balasundaram, Dhananjaya K N, “Conversion of crude glycerol to soap with different ratios of lye”, Biofuels Insights-2012, 10-08-2012 to 12-08-2012, KSBDB, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore.
  10. Shamsundar Subbarao, Dhananjaya K N “Good practices on biogas from Organic/Kitchen Waste as a Sustainable biofuel: projects implemented by NIE-CREST”, Biofuels Insights-2012, 10-08-2012 to 12-08-2012, KSBDB, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore.
    Research, Demonstration and Field level  projects
    1. Microgrid  Partnership   for sustainable development , R& D Project , Wisconsin Ideas ,with Prof.Giri Venkataramanan , University of Wisconsin Madison–  From 2015 to 2019.
    2. Water ,Sanitation and Hygiene project ( IHU WASH) in collaboration with NIUA( National Institute Of Urban affairs) , MCC ( Mysore city corporation )- 2018-2019. Establishment of WASH Lab @ NIE, Mysuru.
    3. Principle Investigator, Biosensor Paper Project – for detection of pesticides in water together with Sentinel Group, McMasters University, Canada. 2010 to 2012, (INR 690,000).
    4. Co-Investigator, Preparation and Characterisation of CIGS nanomaterials for Photovoltaics, in association with Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST), Department of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka, 2011 to 2014.
    5. Coordinator, District Biofuel Information and Demonstration Centre for dissemination, research and development of Biofuels in Mysore District, Karnataka State Biofuel Development Board, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore, 2011 to till date ( on going)
    6.  Coordinator  SEAN-DEE ( south east asian network on Disaster & Environmenal engineering) project  sponsored by DAAD, Germany and involving five international universities viz. Uni. Of Kassel, Germany, Nepal, and 3 universities from Bangladesh   (2011 to 2014).
    Some of the major Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology project implemented/currently in progress
    1. Installation of Aerobic Bio composters in schools , hostels, institutions, gated communities, apartments, houses.
    2. Pilot   Kitchen waste Biogas  plants projects   at Port villa effate island, Espiritu Santo island , Vanuatu Islands  in the  South pacific.(2018)
    3. Installation of 1000kg/day Biogas plant at Mysore Zoo ( BARC , IndiaTechnology).
    4. Installation Of 100Kg/Day input Kitchen Waste Biogas Plant’s  at , Pramathi school, Mysore, HUL Mysuru,  ATI ( Administrative Training  Institute, Mysore)  ,  Postal Training centre, Karwar Naval base, NIE Boys Hostel, Mysuru,  and many more. 
    5. Installed more than 100 Nos, Small Kitchen waste Biogas Plants  to homes including houses of  Mr.Randeep, Deputy Comissioner , Mysuru, Mrs.Suma shamsundar, Smt. Manjula guruprasad, Smt. Sahikala, Smt. Radha Ganesh , and villages near Bidadi under BOSH CSR project   and many more.
    6. IHU – WASH –( Innovation  Hub for Urban Water ,Sanitation and Health) Project , IHU-WASH Chair @ NIE, Mysore. A Project in collaboration with Mysore city corporation & NIUA( National Institute Of Urban Affairs), New Delhi, sponsored by USAID
    7. Renewable energy integrated Microgrids project to remote villages in co-operation with University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.(2017)
    8. Rainwater Harvesting Design/Scheme to Prestigious Mysore Palace, Mysore, India  , Mysore silk factory, ATI, AIISH ,ZP Mysuru,  and many houses and Institutions.
    9. Fuel Efficient  Biomass Cook Stoves at Chamundi hill ,Manthralaya, and Many Villages around Karnataka.
    10. Establishing 185Kw, 100Kw, 10Kw and 30Kw solar  grid tied and off grid PV system at NIE  main campus, Boys hostel and Library and many more .
    11. Design and Implementation of ARANYAKA –  Sustainable, Renewable Energy based Anti poaching Unit at Bandipur National Park( 2012), Biodiel to vehicle.
    12. Design of Ecofriendly Anganawadi kendras to Tribal hamlets of Periyapatna taluq, Mysuru, India
    13. Coordinator SEAN-DEE ( South East Asian Network on Disaster & Environmental engineering) project  sponsored by DAAD, Germany. SEAN DEE is  a network of  five international universities viz. Uni. Of Kassel, Germany, , NIE Mysuru, BVB Mysuru, Tribhuvan University Nepal, and 2 universities from Bangladesh . He  has facilitated visit  of more than 30 students and 4 faculty members of NIE , Mysuru  to University of Kassel , Germany with  DAAD financial assistance of 100Euros per student for a 10 day workshops  &  long term  sponsorships to students.
    14. Played  a major role  in facilitating  “German Advisory Council On Global Change “ (WBGU)  a 9 member high level delegation from Germany  to his institute in the 2008. 
    15. Traveled extensively in India and abroad viz. USA, Germany, Vanuatu , Fiji, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Hongkong,  France, Austria, China, Dubai, and many more
    16. Established a good network with some of the  International   Universities/ Institutions  viz. University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA on Microgrids, Disaster & Environmental Engineering, University of Kassel, Germany, Tribhuvan university, Nepal and many more.  
    17. Co-ordinator Mysore District Biofuel I&D centre, Govt. Of Karnataka  at NIE  Mysuru which hosts a 50liter /batch Biodiesel production  unit at NIE, Mysore.
    1. Patent applied for – “A Device for Switch Over from Biogas to LPG and Vice-Versa and a method There of”, 2015.
    2. Patent applied for – “A System and Method for Measurement of Thermal Stability and Oxidation Stability of Biodiesel”, 2015.
    3. Patent applied for – “A System and Method for Recovery and conversion of Variable Gravitational Potential Energy in Electric Bicycles”, 2015.
    • Renewable Energy Technologies 
    • Power Plant Engineering
    •  Basic Thermodynamics 
    • Applied Thermodynamics
    • Internal Combustion Engines
    • Automotive engineering 
    • Elements of Mechanical Engineering
    • Biomass energy technologies