Mrs. Sumaraj

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

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Sumaraj has completed her BE in Civil Engineering from National Institute of Engineering, Mysore (2007-2011). She obtained her M.Tech in Civil Engineering with specialization in Environmental Engineering and Management from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (2012-2014). She has worked as an Assistant Professor at Manipal Institute of Technology (2014-206).

Sumaraj is a passionate researcher in the field of Environmental Engineering pursuing her PhD (thesis submitted) from University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her current research focuses on understanding the chemisorption mechanisms of pollutants by various adsorbents in aqueous media. She has previous research experience in development of biosensor using microbial fuel cell technology to detect biological oxygen demand.

  • PhD-University of Auckland, New Zealand (Thesis submitted and under examination) (2015-2021)
  • M.Tech- IIT Kharagpur, 2012-2014
  • B.E- The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore, 2007-2011
Influence of surface chemistry of carbon materials on chemisorption of inorganic nitrogen contaminants  
  • University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship to pursue PhD, UoA, New Zealand.
  • Nominated for UoA Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award in the categories of “Professional Staff Achievement- Health, Safety & Wellbeing, and Environmental Sustainability”.
  • Scholarship from Ministry of Human Resource and Development to pursue M.Tech, Government of India, July 2012-June
  • Gold medallist for securing Second Rank in Civil Engineering (Batch 2007-2011), National Institute of Engineering, Mysore.
  • Sumaraj, Zixi Xiong, Ajit Kumar Sarmah, and Lokesh P Padhye. (2020). Acidic surface functional groups control chemisorption of ammonium onto carbon materials in aqueous media, Science of the Total Environment, 698, 134193
  • Sumaraj, and Lokesh P Padhye. (2017). Influence of surface chemistry of carbon materials on their interactions with inorganic nitrogen contaminants in soil and water, Chemosphere, 184, 532-547
  • Rahul Kumar, Sumaraj, and Lokesh P Padhye. (2017). Fate of environmental pollutants, Water Environment Research, 89(10), 1603-1633.
  • Environmental Studies
  • Solid waste Management