Rashmi M R

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Email: rashmi.mr7@gmail.com
Phone No: 8123750356
About Me:

My research interests are in the field of Internet of Things and its application. I am currently pursuing Ph.D. in the trust based nodes identification field of Social Internet of Things.

B.E. (VTU), M.Tech. (VTU), (Ph.D.) (VTU)  
  • Guest Lecturer
  • Lecturer
  • Assistant Professor

Journal Publications

      1. Rashmi M.R., C Vidya Raj. (2019)  A Review on Trust Models of Social Internet of Things. In: Sridhar V., Padma M., Rao K. (eds) Emerging Research in Electronics, Computer Science and Technology. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 545. Springer, Singapore, 24 April 2019, pp. 203-209, ISSN: 2088-8708, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-13-5802-9_19.
      2. Rashmi M.R (2016) A Revised approach to Receiver Based Multicasting in Adhoc Networks published in IJCTER journal, Volume 02, Issue 03; March-2016, e - ISSN :  2455 – 1392.
      3. Rashmi M.R (2014) Analysis of Data Aggregation Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks. published in "International Journal of Applied Engineering Research and Development ", ISSN(Online):2278-9383 ,ISSN(Print):2250-1584.


For UG

  • C-Programming
  • Introduction to C# Programming and .Net Concepts
  • Object Oriented Programming with C++
  • Object Oriented Modeling and Design
  • Management Information System
  • Digital Electronics
  • Data Structures using C
  • Analysis and Design of Algorithms
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures
  • Database Management Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • System Simulation and Modeling
For PG
  • Big Data Analytics for Automation