N Seshaprakash

Visiting Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Email: sheshaprakash@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 9448085288
About Me:

My first job was in the I. C. Engines department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for over 10 years wherein I was exposed to variety of engines and the research carried out. Later on I was in the R & D department  Escorts LTD.,- close to two years -of with exclusive exposure to Two wheelers. For a period of 27 years I was in the R & D in Bosch, Bangalore.. During this period I have been in Bosch Germany (For 3 months in 1989 and again in 1994 – 1995 wherefrom I retired. I was heading the engine testing division when I retired,

I have been in The National Institute of Engineering> Mechanical Engineering Department for nearly 10 years, First three years I was confined to NIE -Eicher center for automotive Engineering and then on I have been handling I C Engines for the 7th sem and Automotive Engineering for the 8th Sem.

  • B. Sc.,
  • BE (Mechanical) – Bangalore University
  1. Mohan, Balaji, Wenming Yang, and Siaw kiang Chou. "Fuel injection strategies for performance improvement and emissions reduction in compression ignition engines- A review." Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 28 (2013): 664-676.
  2. Broatch, A., et al. "Impact of the injector design on the combustion noise of gasoline partially premixed combustion in a 2-stroke engine." Applied Thermal Engineering 119 (2017): 530-540.
Conference Proceedings
  1. Harsha B T, G S Mayur, Indresh D R, N Seshaprakash,Tajmul Pasha, N S Srikanth. Noise Reduction by Optimization of HPP configuration and Injection Timing in a Direct Injection CI Engine” National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering Science (NCAMES-2016).
  • I C Engines
  • I C Engine Lab
  • Automotive Engineering