Nagalakshmi K V

Associate Professor

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Phone No: 8105084540
About Me:

I have 33+ years of teaching experience, out of which 31 years is at NIE. At present I am an Associate professor in the department of E&C. I was also HOD of E&C for more than one year. I have involved myself in NBA and NAAC related activities, conducting various faculty and student development programs, seminars and workshops etc. I am part of various committees which support activities of the staff and student organizations in the college.

  My primary area of interest is in Communication domain.  I have published more than 12 research papers, in various technical journals of repute. I was also actively involved in a unique project, which resulted in a patent application by our collage.   My hobbies are reading, Music (Carnatic Music) and playing games.
  • B E (University of Mysore, Mysuru)
  • M E (IISc., Bengaluru)
Journal Publication
  1. K V Nagalakshmi, Muktha Eti, 2017 “Design and Analysis of Front-end Rectifier for VSI fed AC Drive for different loads”, International Journal for Science And Research In Technology (IJSART) volume 3 Issue 7.
  2. K V Nagalakshmi, Muktha Eti, 2017, “Analysis and Simulation of Three-phase Voltage Source Inverter for Front-end Rectifier fed to AC Motor Drive”, International Journal of Advances in Science & Technology.
  3. K V Nagalakshmi, Greeshma K G, Sowmya Poojary, Swathi G, Vidyashree H I, 2017 “Design and Implementation of Optical Palm Scanner”, IJTR (International e-Journal for Technology and Research 1 Issue 4.
  4. K V Nagalakshmi, Rohini Nagapadma, Hareesh Gowtham J, Nagaraj S V, Narayan R, 2016Detection of copy move forgery in digital images”, International journal of computer and mathematics sciences IJCMS, ISSN 2347-8527, Vol. 5, Issue 4, Impact Factor 2.58.
  5. K V Nagalakshmi, Ezhil Vezhian L , Adithya S, Anoop T George, Ravikiran, S E, 2016 “Indigenous GPS for location mapping”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering (IJIRCCE) Vol 4 Issue 7.
  6. K V Nagalakshmi, Sneha Sara Jacob, Monisha M, Puja Kaul, Sumaya Bhat, Revathy C Kattepur, 2016, “Smart Bus Tracker”, International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Applied Science (IJSEAS), Volume 2, Issue 4, ISSN 2395-3470.
  7. K V Nagalakshmi, Kavitha S 2015, “Audio processing in car infotainment systems”, International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science (IJERGC), Volume 3, Issue 3, Part 2.
  8. K V Nagalakshmi, Bharath Y K, Chitralekha G, Veena S, Lokesha H, Dilna D, 2016Robust active noise control system for fighter aircraft pilot helmet application”, Elsevier Journal Procedia Computer Science, Volume 89, Pages 690-699.
 Conference Proceedings
  1. K V Nagalakshmi, Rohini Nagapadma, Bharath Y K, Veena S, Manjunath Darshan, 2016Development of Robust VAD Schemes for voice operated switch application in aircrafts”, International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICICT 2016).
  2. K V Nagalakshmi, Muktha Eti, 2017, “Analysis and Simulation of Three-phase Voltage Source Inverter for Front-end Rectifier fed to AC Motor Drive”, National Conference on Innovation and Discoveries in Engineering and Technologies – pionEEEr – 2017.
UG courses 
  • Wireless Communication
  • Wireless Networks
  • Analog Communication
  • Digital Communication
  • Advanced Communication and Coding Theory
  • Microwaves and Radar
  • Network Analysis
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
PG courses 
  • Wireless Communication