Dr. Narasimha Kaulgud


Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Email: narasimha.kaulgud@nie.ac.in
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About Me: visit https://sites.google.com/view/kaulgudns
  • B.E. degree from Karnatak University, Dharwad (in ECE)
  • M.Tech. degree from . University of Mysore, Mysuru (in Industrial Electronics)
  • PhD. degree from . IIT Bombay, Mumbai (Image processing)
  • Distinguised Alumni from SDM College of Engineering, Dharwad
Journal Publications
  1. Salila Hegde, Narasimha Kaulgud, Rohini Nagapadma (2015): ’Accelerating Huffman Algorithm using Multicore Platform’, Journal of the Instrument Society of India, ISOI, IISC, volume 45,no4,pp.233-235, dec.2015,ISSN: 0970-9983
  2. C Anjanappa, Narasimha Kaulgud, Sheshadri(2016): MRF based medical image denoising, Journal of the Instrument Society of India, ISOI, IISC, Vol46, No.1 , March 2016
  3. Nandini B M, Narasimha Kaulgud (2016): A study of various approaches for enhancement of foggy/hazy images, IJCSIS, Vol14, pp82-89, October 2016
Conference Proceedings
  1. Sharmila B S, Narasimha Kaulgud “Comparison of time complexity in Median Filtering on Multi-core Architecture”, IEEE-ICACCA 2017, Dehradun, Sept. 2017
  2. Nandini B M, Narasimha Kaulgud (2017):“Effective Hazy Image restoration using Color Attenuation Prior”, International Symposium on Cloud Computing & Data Analytics (ISCCDA17),  The National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru on 17-03-2017
  3. Kavitha S S, Narasimha Kaulgud (2017): Quantum Dot Cellular Automata (QCA) design for the realization of basic logic gates”, IEEE-ICEECCOT, GSSSIT, Mysuru, Dec. 2017, organized by IEEE
  4.  Shivaprakash K,  K Vishwanath, Narasimha Kaulgud (2015): Morphology based surface crack detection, JARSE, V1, N1, Sept.2015, pp:15-20 (Invited paper for the first issue)
  5. Kavitha SS, Narasimha Kaulgud (2019): Synthesis of Reversible logic gates and adder Circuits using Quantum gate, NCCOSINE, May 2019 NIE, Mysuru
  6. Kavitha S S, Narasimha Kaulgud (2020): High performance digital logic circuit realization using Differential Cascode Voltage Switch Logic(DCVSL) International Conference on Evolutionary Computing and Mobile Sustainable Networks, (ICECMSN 2020)
  7. Nandini B.M, Mohanesh B.M, N Kaulgud, “A study of various approaches for enhancement of foggy/hazy images” , IJCSIS (ISSN 1947-5500), 2016, pp:82-88
  8. Nandini B M, N Kaugud “Performance Comparison of Dehazing Algorithms on different platforms” ,  IEEE (978-1-7281-0418-8/19/), 2019, pp: 322-326
  9. Smita S. Hosmani; Narasimha Kaulgud, “Automation of Storage Battery Tesing Facility Using PLC and HMI” IEEE-ICRAECT(10.1109/ICRAECT.2017.20), 2017, pp. 66-71,
  10. Kavitha S.S., Kaulgud N. (2021) “High-Performance Digital Logic Circuit Realization Using Differential Cascode Voltage Switch Logic (DCVSL)”. Evolutionary Computing and Mobile Sustainable Networks. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies, vol 53. Springer, Singapore. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-15-5258-8_17
  11. S. S. Hosmani and N. Kaulgud, "Servodrive based automation of 2-way boring machine using PLC," 2017 IEEE-SmartTechCon, 2017, pp.470475, (10.1109/SmartTechCon.2017.8358418)
Book Chapters
  1. Narasimha Kaulgud and U. B. DesaiImage Zooming: Use of  Wavelets, in the book “Supre-resolution imaging”,  Edited by S. Chaudhury, Kluwer-Academic.  Oct 2001
UG Courses:
  1. Signal processing, Image processing related
  2. Computer architectre, Operating systems, Microprocessor related subjects
       PG Courses:
  1. IoT