Dr. Prithvi C

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Email: prithvi.mech@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 9738364450
About Me:

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I completed my masters in Machine Design from University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE) Bangalore in year 2008. Since 2009 I’m into teaching and served PESIT (PESU), Bengaluru for more than 5 years before joining The National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru in 2014 as Assistant Professor (PG in Machine Design).  My primary research interests Vehicle Dynamics, Vibration Analysis and Finite Element Analysis of mechanical components. Presently I’m perusing my Ph.D in the area of vibration analysis of Indian Railway coaches from JSS Science and Technological University, Mysuru.  

  • B.E. in Mechanical Engineering (VTU)
  • M.E in Machine Design (Bangalore University)
Journal Publication
  1. BS Suresh, C Prithvi, Srinidhi Ramachandracharya (2020): “Modal analysis of FIAT Bogie of LHB railway coach”, Materials Today: Proceedings, Online: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matpr.2020.03.817.
  2. BS Suresh, C Prithvi, Srinidhi Ramachandracharya (2020): “Static Analysis of LHB Railway Coach with FIAT Bogies”, International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management. Vol 3, Issue 3(348-351).
  3. YC Niranjan, C Prithvi, BK Sridhara (2019): “Influence of S0 Type of Addendum Modification on Sliding Performance of Spur Gears”, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. Vol 624 , Issue 1(012026).
  4. Karthik Hebbar A, C Prithvi, Srinidhi Ramachandracharya (2019): “Analytical modeling of railway suspension system using MATLAB simulink”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering. Vol 8 , Issue 1S2(164-168).
  5. Y Shriraj Rao, M S Bobji, Prithvi C, Sanjeev Kumar (2017): “Design And Development of Finger Friction Tribometer”, International Journal of Engineering Research in Mechanical and Civil Engineering. Vol 2 , Issue 5(922-929).
    Conference Proceedings
  1. Suresh B.S, Prithvi.C, Rithesh H B, Tejas K M (2020): “Modal Analysis of Indian Railway Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) Coach with FIAT Bogies”, International Conference  on International Conference on Advanced Light-weight Materials and Structures, CMR Technical Campus, Hyderabad during 6th & 7th March, 2020.
  2. C Prithvi, Karthik Hebbar A, Srinidhi Ramachandracharya (2019): “Vibration Analysis Of Railway Wagon Suspension System for Improved Ride Quality Using Matlab Simulink”, International Conference  on Production And Industrial Engineering (Cpie-2019), Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute Of Technology, Jalandhar during 08-10 June, 2019.
  3. Sunith Babu L Rajesh Mathivanan N, Prithvi C, Ranjith K (2017): “Damage Resistance Characteristics of woven E-glass/Epoxy Composite Laminates Subjected to Drop Weight Impact”, International Conference on Composite Materials and Structures, IIT Hyderabad during December, 2017
  4. Prithvi C, Sanjeev Kumar (2017): “Brake Drum Analysis Using Numerical Simulation”, International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering Sciences, PESCE, Mandya during 21-22 April, 2017
  5. Nandish R.V, Sadananda Megeri, Prithvi C, S. Paul Vizhian, S. Ramachandra (2010):Evaluation of Deformation Characteristics Of Non-Linear Materials In Quasi-Static Regime”, International Conference on Materials, Mechanics and Management, College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Kerala, India, 14th -16th January 2010.
  6. Prithvi C, Babureddy, Harish K, Girish H, (2010) “Sandwich PU Foam Behavior for Dynamic Loading using Guided Drop Mass Impact”, in National Conference “NCASHME” on 23rd and 24th April 2010, in Shirdi Sai College of Engineering , Annekal, India,
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Design of Machine Elements 1 
  • Design of Machine Elements 2 
  • Finite Element Methods
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Theory of Machines 
  • Tribology and Bearing Design 
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Theory of Elasticity