Dr.Roopa S V


Department of Mathematics

Email: svrroopa@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 9900136887
About Me:

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the National Institute of Engineering (NIE), Mysuru and currently heading the department.Before joining NIE, I was a lecturer in the department of Mathematics at NIE Science College , Mysuru.

I did my masters in Mathematics from the University of Mysore by securing first rank. I have obtained Ph.D degree from VTU  for the thesis titled “On Matrices and Energy associated with certain classes of graphs” under the guidance of Dr. K A Vidya, DSATM, Bengaluru. I am interested in working on spectral graph theory related problems. I have been teaching Mathematics for BE, M.Tech and MCA students for almost 24 years. I have received the best paper award in the National Conference RAAS-2016, organized by AMC Engineering College.

  • MSc Mathematics (University of Mysuru)
  • Ph.D (VTU, Belagavi)
Journal Publications:
  1. E. Sampathkumar, S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya and M. A. Sriraj(2020): “Partition energy of some trees and their generalized complelements” TWMS J. App. and Eng. Math., 10(2), 521-531.
  2. E. Sampathkumar, S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya and M. A. Sriraj, (2019): “Partition Laplacian energy of a graph” Palestinian Journal of Mathematics, 8(1), 272-284.
  3. E. Sampathkumar, S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya and M. A. Sriraj(2018): “Partition energy of complete product of circulant graphs and  some new class of graphs”, Advanced Studies in Contemporary Mathematics., 28(2), 269-283.
  4. S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya and M. A. Sriraj (2016): “Partition energy of Amalgamation of Complete graphs and their Generalized Complements”, Indian J. Discrete Mathematics., 2(1), 18-36.
  5. E. Sampathkumar, S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya and M. A. Sriraj(2015): “Partition Energy of a graph”, Proc.Jangjeon Math. Soc., 18(4), 473-493.
    • Conference Proceedings
    •   S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya, Partition energy of graphs constructed using Complete graph and Cycles. Proc. National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Sciences. Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bengaluru, (AMEAS-2016), ISBN No: 978-93-84935-77-1.
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    • Applied and Advanced Mathematics for M.Tech
    • Discrete Mathematical Structures for MCA students
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