Sobia Naz

Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Phone No: +91-9916472893
About Me:

I have more than 8 years of experience in teaching and 5 years of experience in research. My research areas include medical image processing and signal processing. My PG project was related to medical image processing. I have worked as a co-ordinator for minor project and internship in this department. I am a part of anti-ragging committee at the institute level. I handle courses and labs for UG students.

  1. B.E. degree from VTU, Belagavi.
  2. M.Tech. degree from VTU, Belagavi.
  3. Ph.D. degree pursuing from VTU, Belagavi.
  1. Recipient of TECHNICAL EDUCATION QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME (TEQIP PHASE-II), SJCE, Mysore, scholarship during the second year of my post-graduation studies (2013-2014).
  2. Directorate of Minorities’ Fellowship to Minority Students Pursuing Ph.D/M.Phil 2017-2018.  Directorate of Minorities, Government of Karnataka.
  3. Recipient of “Best Researcher”, Indian Excellence Awards in IRESFO-2022.
Journal Publication:
  1. “Glaucoma Detection :An approach using hybrid texture descriptors”, TEST Engineering and Management.Vol.83,ISSN:0193-4120.July-August 2020.
  2. “EFPT-OIDS: Evaluation Framework for a Pre-processing Techniques of Automatic Optho-Imaging Diagnosis and Detection System”, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications Vol.12,ISSN: 2156-5570. November 2021.
  3. “Segmentation of optic disc in retinal images for glaucoma diagnosis by saliency level set with enhanced active contour mode”, International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)Vol. 13, No. 3, June 2023, pp. 2801~2811.
UG Courses:
  1. Electromagnetic Field Theory
  2. Introduction to Electronics
  3. Bio-medical Signal processing.
  4. Engineering Management.
  5. Engineering Economics.
  6. Digital Image Processing.