Srirashmi S

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

Phone No: 9964769197
About Me:

My primary research interests are in Reuse of wastewater, Soil Microbiology, Biodegradable Waste reuse and Humanure Application on Agriculture Land & possible health implications related to use of all these on land. I am quite interested in Impact Analysis and Conducting Questionnaires for the people who are primary source of contact for the reuse & recycling technologies in HD Kote taluk , Mysore District  as my research area is directly linked to this zone . 

Areas of Expertise

Engineering Mechanics, Eco Sanitation, Wastewater Treatment Engineering, Solid Waste Management, Soil Analysis, Hydrology & Irrigation, Water Engineering, Hydraulics, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Impact Assessment

  • B.E (VTU) -  VVCE, Mysore.
  • M.Tech. (VTU)  - SJCE, Mysore.
  • PhD (VTU) – (Currently Pursuing) SJCE, Mysore
Impact of Ecological Sanitation on Human Health and Agriculture
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machinery Theory & Laboratory
  • Hydrology & Irrigation Engineering
  • Design & Drawing of irrigation Structures
  • Water Supply Engineering
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment