Suhas Bharadwaj R

Assistant Professor

Department of Information Science and Engineering

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About Me:

I have been working as Assistant professor since 2016. My area of research interests are Cyber security and Machine learning. Other positions held at college are as follows – MIS nodal officer, member of scholarship committee, member of hostel advisory committee, Lab coordinator

  • Pursuing Phd in the field of Cyber security, VTU, Belagavi
  • B.E. (VTU, belagavi), M.Tech (VTU, Belagavi)
  • Assistant Professor
  • TEQIP Nodel Officer MIS
  • NIRF Department Co-ordinator

Journal publications:

  • “A Novel Content Detection Approach For Social Networking Comments Using Robust Fast Text And R-CNN”  Test Engineering & management, 2020.
  • “A Novel Multimodal Hybrid Classifier Based Cyberbullying Detection for Social Media Platform” 6th Computational Methods in Systems and Software 2022, Springer. (Book Chapter)
  • “Smart Glasses To Assist The Blind”, International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology and Science. 2022.
  • “Deep Flamingo Search and Reinforcement Learning Based Recommendation System for E-Learning Platform using Social Media”, 4th International Conference on Innovative Data Communication Technology and Application, 2023, Science Direct.


  • Human computer Interface systems
  • Computer Forensics
  • Principles of Programming language using C


  • Introduction to Cyber security
  • Social Networks