Vishwanath M K

Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Phone No: 9945657006
About Me: Joined as a lecturer on 28-02-2005 and working as a Assistant Professor in the Department of ECE, NIE,Mysuru till date.    Hobbies and Extra circular Activities: Wild Life Photography Wild Life Conservation Bird Watching and Travelling.   Publications: Observations on the White-naped Tit Parus nuchalis in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka K. B. Sadananda, D. H. Tanuja, M. Sahana, T. Girija, A. Sharath, M. K. Vishwanath & A. Shivaprakash.   Google Scholar Link:   Books Published: (Co-Author and Photographs Contrubutor)
  1. B.E. degree from University of Mysore.
  2. M.Tech. degree from V.T.U, Belagavi.
Journal Publication:
  1. Observations on the White-naped Tit Parus nuchalis in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka. KB Sadananda, DH Tanuja, M Sahana, T Girija, A Sharath, MK Vishwanath, A Shivaprakash.
  2. Morphology based surface crack detection. K Shivaprasad, MK Vishwanath, K Narasimha
  3. AI and IoT based Garbage classification for the smart city using ESP32 cam C Anjanappa, S Parameshwara, MK Vishwanath, Manish Shrimali, C Ashwini.
Conference Proceedings:
  1. Teaching Aid for Digital Signal Processing A CaseStudy on Negative Frequency, Aliasing, FourierTransform, and Filtering - International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), ISSN: 2278-0181, Published by, ,ICEI - 2022 Conference ProceedingsTransform, and Filtering
UG Courses 
  1. Electronics Fundamentals.
  2. Introduction to Electronics.
  3. Computer Organization and Architecture.
  4. Social connect and responsibility.
  5. Power Electronics.
  6. Universal human Values and professional Ethics.
  7. S.P. Architecture.
  8. Micro-Electronics.
  9. Bio-medical Signal processing.
  10. Programming using C++.
  11. Wireless communication.
  12. Embedded Systems.
  13. Internet of Things.
  14. Computer Communication Networks.
  15. Optical Fiber Communications.
PG Courses 
  1. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers (IAR)