Automation is all set to take industrial production to new heights by boosting efficiency and mitigating the risk of human error. To fully automate industries, the best and brightest minds in the field must come together to innovate new technology.

The Centre for Automation Technology, set up in 2014 with funding of INR 2 crores from TEQIP and DST – FIST, focuses on research and development, and supports Post-graduate students in their academic endeavours in industrial automation and robotics.


  • Research and Development in Industrial Automation
  • Development of laboratory facilities to support the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
  • Creating awareness programmes via workshops and training sessions for MSMEs
  • Implementing societal support projects by utilising laboratory facilities
  • Training Post-graduate students in Industrial Automation and Robotics


The Centre has all the necessary equipment to train students efficiently in the subjects of industrial automation and robotics such as:
  • HP Desktop, monitor (Core I5, 8 GB, 1 TB, 1 GB graphic card, DOS, 21.5" monitor)
  • RFID bar code reader demo kit (All-in-one demo kit, RFID bar code reader demo kit, bar code reader (1 D 2D reader), AS - I system demo kit, Inclination sensor demo kit.)
  • 7.5 KVA online UPS, 42AH SMF battery, battery stand (Steady state solar simulator, IV curve analyser system, Standard SI cell, UV cutoff filter, IR cutoff filter, Spare XE lamp)
  • S7 1200 PLC training kit (PLC, 8 DI/DO, SB  1AO, HMI, Power cord, Communication cable)
  • TP 700 comfort panel training kit
  • S7 1500 training kit (Memory card, communication cable, power cord)
  • MATLAB (Statistic tool box, image processing tool box, computer vision system tool box, robotics system toolbox, simulink PLC coder, Data aquisition tool box, Simulink, Sim hydraulics.)
  • ET 200 SP trainer kit
  • NI DAQ system (Compact DAQ chassis with 6 modules, Microphone, Accelerometer, RTD, thermocouple)
  • INDRA CS table top training system
  • PLC (P. NO - R911306455 and firmware P No. R911319862)
  • Firebird 2560, Spark V robot, Dexter ER 2 robotic arm
  • Silent compressor, Relay box, Profile table
  • Variable frequency drive EFC3610 table top training system
  • IS 2000 120 insight vision (vision sensor, ethernet cable, power cable, lens, lens spacer)
  • Delta PLC (DVP -14SS211T)
  • RT - SP11 - B- 101 (Spartan II basic system suitable for VARTM process)
  • RT - VAI - FRP - FT (10 - 3C3C) (FRP mould set for developing 30 X 30, 10 mm laminate)
  • Electro-pneumatic trainer kit (JTK - 11, JTK - 12, SMPS, Draw unit, Workstation)
  • Hypermesh and hyper view software
  • Mechatronics training system
  • Digital manufacturing and robotics software (3D live configuration, 3D indexing)
  • Sensor kit (Inductive sensor, magnetic sensor, photoelectric sensor, capacitive sensor, ultrasonic sensor, counter and light curtains, etc.)
  • Dell precision workstation (8 GB WIN 7 professional, 1 TB, 64 bit, 2 GB NVIDIA, 21.5 inch monitor)
  • Dell desktop (8 GB ram, 1 TB, WIN 7 professional, 21.5 " monitor, 1 GB AMD graphic card.)
  • Silent compressor (40- 60 Ltr, 8 bar pressure)
  • Rapid prototyping machine (U - Print SE plus, 3D printer, U - print SE plus tip, tip cover , TIP wise)
  • Flexible manufacturing system
    • 2 axis high speed CNC gantry, Gantry "Y" axis servo driven and timer belt, gripper arrangement for gantry, CNC controller, Electrical cabinet, dummy CNC turn centre , dummy milling station and parking station
    • Node MCU ESP 8266, Microcontroller (Arduino NANO , MEGA), Micro SD card, Bluetooth module, Buck booster converter, Digital variable power supply
    • Accelerometer sensor, gas sensor, ultrasonic sensor, finer print sensor, micro phone, quester, temperature and humidity sensor, flux sensor
    • UNO based starter kit, Air detection sensor, Multimeter


Since its inception, the Centre has continually invested its efforts in providing the best of facilities to students and to train them to be industry-ready. As a result, Post-graduate programme placements have increased and successfully at that, even as the student repertoire of skills have expanded. The state-of-the-art facilities available at this Centre has also given students the distinct advantage of an early introduction into advances made in the field of automation.


The Centre has utilised its funds and resources to implement various innovative projects with real world application, some of which include:

  • Design of electrical circuits for a Centrifugal Testing Machine
  • Design of Centrifugal Testing Machine to test the automotive type valve at dynamic condition
  • Automation of Compression Testing Machine
  • Development of Energy Monitoring and Control System for Smart Homes
  • Development and validation of a software tool to calculate the temperature and pressure drop of exhaust gas in the front pipe of an engine exhaust system
  • Design of Automated Rubber Tapping Equipment
  • Development of Control Panel and Motion Control Logic for Advanced Machine Tending Robots for CNC machine
  • Wane plate placement error detection using machine vision
  • Development of Gantry Automation System for production of Cranckshaft
  • Development of PLC-based nut tightening machine for feed pump
  • Development of PLC-based automated cutting and stitching machine
  • Development and analysis of indexing units for the connecting rod cell automation
  • Development of Gantry Automation System for Cranckshaft
  • Automation of Crank Case L & R Bolt Tightening Assembly Operation

Areas of Research

Over the years, the Centre has focused on research in the field of automation, robotics and controls, some of which encompass:


Dr. K R Prakash, Coordinator, Centre for Automation Technology (CAT)
Phone No: 0821-4004930