The Centre for Energy Management and Testing Systems for Electrical Apparatus (CEMATEA) was established in 2002 to provide technical services to industries and other organisations, and promote industry-institute interactions. One of the unique initiatives of the Centre is the periodical testing of electrical apparatus like Transformers, Switch Gears, Protective Relays, Instrument Transformers, Energy Meters and other electrical apparatus in all electrical installations on site and off site to ensure efficient and safe operations of electrical systems. A Test Centre for Electrical Apparatus is authorised by Electrical Inspectorate, Govt. of Karnataka.


  • Render consultancy service to Electrical consumers for a better and safer quality of electrical installations by means of periodical testing.
  • To take up energy audits of industrial and other organizations and recommend energy conservation measures.
  • To provide a forum for interaction between the various organizations associated in promoting energy conservation and safer and efficient electrical installations

Consultancy Activity Details

  1. Energy Meter & CT testing of M/s S V Electricals, RK Nagar, Mysuru
  2. Energy Meter & CT testing of Industry M/s Client DLM (P) Ltd, Hebbal, Sriranga Patna
  3. Energy Meter & CT testing of M/s PS Electricals, Mysuru
  4. Energy Meter & CT testing M/s Engenious Erectors Pvt Ltd, Yelwal (P), Mysuru
  5. Energy Meter & CT calibration of M/s Sri. Mahadeshwar Electricals, Mudalapalya, Bangalore
  6. Energy Meter & CT calibration of Industry M/s Shwethadri Powers, Mysore EM & CT test
  7. Ciruit breaker, CTs, energy meters, Earth pits testing of Industry M/s Radico kethan ,Mysuru
  8. Energy meter, CT testing at M/s Royal arcade Brindavan garden KRS
  9. Capacitor testing of M/s Sri Mahadeswara rice mill ,Najangud
  10. Transformer insulation testing and Cable testing at Industry M/s L&T MPS plant Hootagalli
  11. Energy meter, CT testing of M/s Karnataka Silk Corporation Ltd ,Mysuru
  12. Energy meter, CT testing of M/s Malabar Ruby Pvt. ltd. Mysuru
  13. Energy meter testing of M/s Brigade Parkway owner associations, Mysuru
  14. Energy meter testing of M/s Star of Mysuru academic newspaper,Mysuru
  15. Energy meter,CT testing of Industry M/s Cyient DLM Hootagally , Mysuru
  16. BLDC motor testing for Industry M/s Vyoda pvt ltd. Mysuru
  17. Energy meter, CT testing of M/s Jayachamaraja wadeyar golf club ,Musuru


Dr.R. Chidanandappa,


Dept of E & E Engg.


The National Institute of Engineering,

Mysuru-570 008

Phone No: 91-821-4004970 Mob No: 91-9449284946