Global climate change and its resultant issues are some of the most pressing concerns of today. With water depletion and scarcity on the rise, it is imperative that we raise awareness and conduct research in the field to find innovative solutions.

The Department of Civil Engineering with supporting grants from the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) established the Centre for Water Resources (CWR) in 1988 as part of the consultancy services offered by the University. The Centre was set up with the objective to conduct research in the fields of hydraulics and water resources and train students to undertake studies for real-world application.

The major areas in which the WRC provides consultancy services are:

  • Hydrological design for Water resources development
  • Flow measurement in canals and small streams
  • Hydrological impacts of land development
  • Rain water harvesting

The setting up of Experimental Watersheds in the Western Ghat, Field Hydrological Laboratory at Kodagu and the completion of Ground Water Studies in Mysore are some of the more notable projects of impact that took shape in this Centre.


  • Develop infrastructure and facilities to provide practical training to students and research scholars in the field of hydraulics, hydrology and water resources
  • Promote research, both fundamental and applied, in the emerging fields of hydraulics, hydrology, irrigation, water conservation and sustainable development.
  • Develop infrastructure and facilities in order to promote field research
  • Provide solutions for water resources related issues through consultancy and funded projects
  • Disseminate knowledge in the field through workshops, publications and training
  • Promote industry-institute interactions


  • Experimental watersheds in the Western Ghats
  • Well-equipped Field Hydrological Laboratory
  • Rain gauges, water level recorders, weather station, soil moisture meters, discharge meters


  • Continuous participation in the research on flow measurements in open channels, hydrological processes and modelling, ground water, mountain hydrology and urban tanks
  • Research and training at field hydrological laboratories set up in the Western Ghats
  • Studies on current trends related to water resources
  • Consultancy services
  • Faculty and student development programmes
  • Collaboration with other institutions for externally funded projects


Since inception, the Centre has successfully completed six major sponsored research projects and several student projects funded by external agencies. The distinctive ones include the establishment of experimental watersheds in the Western Ghats and a unique Field Hydrological laboratory. Through MoUs with institutions of higher learning in India and overseas, the Centre has promoted student exchange programmes and collaborative research.


Several important projects were successfully completed by the Centre with a few still in progress.

  1. Ground water studies in Mysore District– MHRD (1992 - '94)
  2. Studies on runoff generation mechanisms in Western Ghats– KSCST (1991 - '95, with IISc)
  3. Return flow studies in the upper KRS command– AICTE (2000 - '05)
  4. Strategies for conservation of urban tanks- a case study in Mysore - VTU, Belagavi, (2008 - '11)
  5. Impact of LULC on the stream flow regime– ISRO (RESPOND) (2009 -'14)
  6. Influence of LULC and catchment characteristics on stream flow and ground water dynamics in the Western Ghats– MoES (2018 - till date)
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Areas of Research

Over the years, the Centre has focused its efforts on research in Hydraulics and Water Resources.


Dr. Abhishek A Pathak Head, Centre for Water Resources
Phone No: 7411758251