With factories becoming increasingly automated, robotics is the next big thing in the field of industrial production. The driving force behind bringing a fully-automated industry closer to reality would be the smartest and most highly-qualified engineers in the field.

The Centre for Research in Robotics and Control (CRRC), established in 2014 with funding of INR one crore from KCTU and NIE Management, focuses on research and development in Advanced Robotics and Controls and training Post-graduate students in Industrial Automation and Robotics.


  • Conduct R&D in the field of Robotics and Control
  • Develop laboratory facilities to support the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
  • Create awareness programmes by conducting workshops and training sessions for MSMEs
  • Implement societal support projects by utilising  laboratory facilities
  • Train Post-graduate students in Industrial Automation & Robotics


From KUKA robots to turtle bots, CRRC has all the latest equipment to enable students to experiment and develop solutions and projects with real world applicability.
  • KUKA Robot KR - 6 R 700 six with controller (KRC4 compact, SIM pro, KRC4 compact basic cabinet with mounting plate)
  • Hot Wire Anemometer
  • Analog Discovery Kit, digital power supply, digital thickness sensor
  • NVIDIA Jetson 2K1 Development Kit
  • NI Myrio, Turtle bot
  • Robotic Component Kit, SIM 900 GSM model, stepper motor, 1 inch 7 segment display, android controller robot, trainer kit box
  • SCARA Robot Wit maximum payload of 3 kg
  • Cognex make Insight IS 7902 M series Vision System
  • DSP Kit (IC - TMS 320F28335 with interfacing kit)
  • NI ELVIS II (circuit design bundle, power cord, quanser QNET rotary inverted pendulum and PID toolkit)
  • Master CAM (2017 version, post processor for AMS winner, post processor for AMS CUB lathe)
  • Siemens PLM (digital manufacuring, Techno Matix)
  • Automation Studio (R901 40 2747)
  • Operating Unit (R961008946)


Quality education and training to post-graduate students in Industrial Automation and Robotics has augmented placement statistics and improved the repertoire of skills of students. The students and associated faculty were able to conduct quality research  with the support of the state-of-the-art facilities provided by the Centre. This also enables them to get exposure to the advancements made in the automation sector.


Important projects successfully supported by the Centre include:

  • Integration of Computer Vision System for autonomous car ROS
  • Robotic Arm Control using PID Controller and inverse kinematics
  • Implementation of LiDAR and drive kinematics for a self-driving car
  • Reliable life cycle test on an automated cooking machine mechanism
  • Development of ETCH surface on EUS needle implementation of two-level robust security system for vault
  • Online visual inspection data acquisition and image processing for fault diagnosis in bottling application

Areas of Research

Over the years, the Centre has concentrated its efforts on research in the field of automation, robotics and controls some of which encompass:


Dr. Shrinatha R Katti Coordinator, Centre for Automation Technology
Email: shrinath.katti@nie.ac.in
Phone No: 0821-4004942