Computer Numerical Control is the method by which industrial tools can be automated. To complement the rapid development in the field of automation and robotics, there must be a similar growth in CNC. This growth is being pushed by the best minds in the field.

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Training Centre was established in 2006 through grants secured from the Technical Education Quality Improvement Program – I (TEQIP I), a World Bank and Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) initiative. The Centre became active after the procurement of two production-ready CNC machines – Vertical Machining Centre (AMS Winner) and a Horizontal Turning Centre (AMS Cub). The Centre takes pride in having trained over 45 batches of short-term course students while inspiring them to pursue excellence and adopt innovative thinking.


  • Train students in the programming and operation of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines
  • Provide a platform for the fabrication of components for student projects
  • Enable students to work on a production machine to become industry-ready


The Centre is furnished with quality equipment and facilities to help students convert their ideas into reality.
  • Vertical Milling Centre: The 3 axis VMC  is equipped with a work volume of 800 x 400 x 350 mm, 12 tool ATC, and a spindle speed of 6000 rpm with 3.7 kW of power.
  • Horizontal Turing Centre:  The equipment has a maximum work piece size of 140 mm diameter and 200 mm length. The production-ready machine is equipped with an 8 tool turret and a spindle speed of 4000 rpm with 3.7 kW of power.
  • Air Compressor: A reciprocating two stage, inter-cooled, 5HP air compressor is installed to cater to the requirements of the VMC.


The NIE CNC Training Centre has been consistently training and enabling students over the past 11 years to be efficient in the programming and operation of CNC Machines through short-term training courses. In January 2019, the Centre completed its 45th short-term course. Since then, the course curriculum has been expanded to include two new modules, the construction of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Circuits and the programming and operation of an Anthropomorphic Robot. With these, the duration of training has increased from 18 to 42 sessions which include inducting students to the fundamentals of programming and operation of CNC machines and Industrial Robots, and laying a foundation for the application of fluid power in the real world. One of the unique features of the CNC Training Centre is that some final year students double hat to train students and maintain the Centre.


Creative thinking and innovative solutions are trademarks of the projects undertaken by the Centre. Here's a quick view of some of the projects undertaken.

  • Modular fixture for the Milling machine (2017)
  • Development of a submerged coolant system for the Vertical Machining Centre (2015)
  • Design and analysis of Angle Plate Fixture (2014)
  • Automated door for CNC Milling Machine (2014)
  • Development of Tool Holder Fixture (2012)
  • Performance improvement of the NIE CNC Centre using TPM framework (2010)
  • Machining of 3D components using CNC machines (2007)
  • Design and fabrication of a cam-operated clamping device for vertical CNC machine (2006)


Dr.Shrinatha R Katti

Coordinator, NIE CNC Training Centre

Phone No: 0821-4004942