Modern technological progress can be largely attributed to the increasing sophistication which must be reliable and more efficient in performance as technology evolves. The Composite Fabrication and Testing Laboratory (CFTL) was set up with this objective in mind – to provide students a training ground where they could develop and experiment with creating superior quality materials that address the need of the hour.


  • Characterise the mechanical and tribological behaviour of a variety of composites
  • Inculcate a culture of research among faculty and students alike
  • Fabricate a variety of composites using different matrix, reinforcement and filler materials through hand layup technique or other methods
  • Generate data and create a basis for understanding the process of mechanical, dynamic mechanical and tribological behaviour of these composites
  • Investigate the significance of reinforcement on the mechanical and tribological characteristics of composites
  • Study the effect of various testing parameters on sliding, three-body and two-body abrasive wear and erosive wear behaviour of composites
  • Conduct fractographic studies to understand the mechanism of failure under different loading conditions and mechanism of wear for different types of wear mode
  • Design experiments by employing the Taguchi technique to understand the importance of operating parameters for the three wear modes
  • Optimise material/process parameters for good mechanical and wear properties
  • Analyse data and model the process
  • Recommend optimal conditions for the desired performance level
  • Explore commercial application


The Centre is furnished with essential equipment required for students to conduct quality research including:
  • Impact Toughness Tester
  • Dry Abrasion Test Rig
  • Air Jet Erosion Test Rig
  • Multi pass Two-body Abrasive Wear Test Rig
  • Slurry Erosion Test Rig


Some of the significant achievements of the Centre include:

  • Awarded 6 PhD degrees
  • Completed 27 Post-graduate projects
  • 8 ongoing PhD projects

Areas of Research

The Centre's research focus is on:


Dr. Varadarajan Y. S. Professor, Department of Industrial & Product Engineering
Phone No: 0821-4004900