‘N. Krishnamurthy Centre for Workplace Safety and Health’ (CWSH) is an autonomous unit of NIE, funded and founded by NIE alumnus (CE-1955) Dr. N. Krishnamurthy, Safety Consultant and Trainer in Singapore, as Founder-Director. It was inaugurated at NIE on 6 December 2019 by Padma Vibushan Sri N.R. Narayana Murthy.

It has two Honorary Deputy Directors Mr. Arun K.R. Rao, and Mr. M.S. Vijayashankar, and a full- time Assistant Director Mr. H.S. Aravind. It also has an Advisory Council currently consisting of:

  1. Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy,
  2. MD of CMPC Pvt Ltd Mr. A.N. Prakash,
  3. NIE Hon. Secretary Mr. Udayshankar Bhyrappa
  4. NIE Principal Dr. Rohini Nagapadma.


   CWSH shall take the regional and national initiative, to
  • To Instil the much-needed awareness of workplace hazards in the minds of our engineers, workers and other site personnel, administrators and the public ;
  • To train our industries to assess, manage and control their workplace risks for the benefit of the individuals and the organisations involved; and,
  • To join forces, in due course, with like-minded organisations in India to move the country (by moving its citizens) towards improving safety in all workplaces where currently the life, limb and health of many workers are at great risk, so that in due course we may take our place among the nations leading in safety.


CWSH shall strive regionally and nationally, to
  • Mobilise awareness of workplace hazards;
  • Develop and offer short courses and training courses on safety topics, at NIE campus or nearby venues in-person, and beyond, on-line through webinars;
  • Train safety personnel in organisations;
  • Develop/offer Post-Graduate Diploma/Degree courses;
  • Support and promote innovation and research activities related to workplace safety;
  • Prepare, disseminate, and market workplace-safety products such as guidebooks, hand books etc.;
  • Provide consultancy services for safety management on campus and at sites outside; and,
  • Organises seminars and conferences on safety -critical issues at regional, national, and international levels.


Immediate and continuing objectives are:
  • Raising the awareness of all connected with our hazardous industries such as construction and manufacturing, regarding the hazards that workers and other workplace personnel face during their work, resulting in injuries and death to persons, property damage, and other losses; and,
  • Offering simple, inexpensive solutions to these dangers, with guidance to implement
Long-term objectives include – but not limited to – development of safety-oriented post-graduate diplomas and safety audits and consultancies. We started with classroom training in Mysuru and Bengaluru, but prompted by the COVID-19 lock-down, we are venturing into on-line webinars in 2020.
  • Accomplishments of the objectives so far:
  1. CWSH organised safety seminars in Mysore and Bangalore for a wide range ofaudiences and webinars from CWSH studio.Briefly, the work done so far is asunder:

 Activities by the Centre:

    • 2019:-Seminars: (All three by Prof NK)
    • December2019 –(i)Safety in the construction industry (NIE, Mysore);(ii)Safety in the construction industry (Bangalore); (iii) Office and digital ergonomics(for Excel Soft, Mysore)
    • 2020:-Webinars:
  • June – ‘Getting back to work after Corona Virus’ – by Mr. K.N. KrishnaPrasad;
  • July–‘ Covid and Construction’–by Dr.B.V. Rajagopal and Mr.K. Sriram;
  • August –‘Fire safety at Workplace’ – by Mr. H.S. Aravind and Dr. N.Suresh;
  • September –‘Highway and Runway safety’ –by Mr.H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana and Mr. Arun Rao;
  • September – CONSULTANCY: ‘Highway and Runway Safety’ Course for College of Engineering, Pune– by Mr.Arun Rao;
    • October–‘Construction safety’ –byMr.S.Subash
    • October – ‘Status and Future of Workplace Safety in India’, Invited talk for Consulting Engineers Association of India, by Prof NK
    • November – ‘Occupational Health and Safety in the Manufacturing Sector’ –by Lt. Col L ShriHarsh (Retd.)
    • December – Celebration of First Anniversary of the Centre and National Forum on Workplace Safety, with Padma Vibhushan N.R.Narayana Murthy as Chief Guest, and three nationally renowned experts as keynotes speakers.
    • 2021:-
  • Webinars:
    • January–‘Basic principles of risk management’–by Prof NK
    • February – Lab safety workshop in NIE – by CWSH Team and Dr. S.Kuzhalvaimozhi, NIE
  • April–‘Enterprise Risk Management Beyond ISO Standards’(ERM-ISO),Run-1– by Prof NK
  • May–‘ERM-ISO’Course, Run-2––by Prof NK
  • June–‘ERM-ISO’Course,Run-3––by Prof NK
  • July–Prof Krishna’s Short and Sweet Sunday Safety Seminar Series(6S) Lecture-1:Butterfly/bow-tiemethodof riskanalysis
  • August – Prof Krishna’s Short and Sweet Sunday Safety Seminar Series 6SLecture-2:Fish bone/Ishikawa method of risk analysis
  • August –Prof Krishna’s6S Lecture-3: How safe is bungee jumping
  • September– Prof Krishna’s6S Lecture-4: Why hurt your neck and back;
  • September–Prof.Krishna’s 6S rerun of previous 4 lectures;
  • October –Prof Krishna’s 6S Lecture-5: How do you manage risk;
  • October –Prof Krishna’s 6S Lecture-6: How high a fall is dangerous;
  • November – Prof Krishna’s 6S rerun of previous 6 lectures;
  • December – Celebration of Second Anniversary of the Centre and National Forum on Workplace Safety, with NIE Hon Secretary Udayshankar Bhyrappa as Chief Guest, and three nationally renowned experts as keynote speakers.

How You Can Help


  • By listening to us, as we try to make you aware of the many dangers at the workplace, injuring & killing many.
  • By telling us your safety and health problems at the workplace, so we can try to help you solve them.
  • By telling us your safety and health solutions, so that we may learn from you & share the ideas with others.
  • By offering to give talks and short courses through our Centre on workplace safety so that it will benefit many.
  • By spreading the word about us and what we are trying to do to reduce deaths and injuries at the workplace.
  • By practicing personally and ensuring that your near and dear ones also practice the simple safety measures suggested by us and other safety-minded authorities.



   Important Activities (international /national /regional):

  1. WINNOSAFE competition amongst students all over India, Dec 2020;
  2. National Forum on Workplace Safety 6 Dec 2020;
  3. Second National Forum on Workplace Safety on 5 Dec 2021.

Measurable contribution by the CWSH to Education / curriculum  / students:

  • CWSH has developed Occupational Safety and Health undergraduate course for engineers
    • 2-credit, 26 hour course and
    • 3-credit, 42 hour course.
  • Delivery of courses on Occupational Health and Safety


  • March–Risk Management to ISO Standards, 9 hours course for L&T, Mysuru, by Prof NK
  • August –2 hours Seminar on Status and Future of OSH in India, for L&T, Mysuru,by Prof NK
  1. Participants statistics—
    • Over550 people trained
    • 35 + 35 for L&T
    • 40– lab safety at NIE
    • Prof Krishna’s 6S course – 90 unique registrants and 56 attendees – 37+ hours watched (total participants attended time)
    • 38 participants for risk management
    • 30 students for OSH course

2.  National Committee Participation–

    • N.Krishnamurthy –Member, Expert Committee for OSH (Factories), Govt.of India, DGFASLI
    • Arun Rao – Member, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Committee on Implementation of Safety Recommendations at Kozhikode airport.

3.   Procedures/Processes/Operations of the Centre:

    • Preparation, marketing and delivering webinars and lectures
    • Preparing and conducting NIE Campus Safety Audit

      4.    Leadership and core competence:

        • Development and delivery of curriculum and lecture materials;
        • Capability of conducting safety audits;
        • Supervision and guidance of research projects.

      5.   Active collaborations:

        • Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI)
        • Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (ACCE)

      Seminar or Workshop

      • Invited talks delivered:
        • July – ‘Airport safety management’, for ASCE India Section, Southern Region ,by Mr. Arun Rao
        • July – ‘Working at Height’ for ASCE India Section, Southern Region, by Prof NK
        • September –‘Operation and Safety Management of Metro Projects’, for NITIE, Bangalore by Prof NK
        • October – ‘Ergonomics in Building Construction and Maintenance’, for ASCE-IS-SR, by Prof NK
        • December–‘Safety in Construction’, for ACCE, Bengaluru Centre, by Prof NK
      • University Course lectures delivered:
        • October–Six on-line lectures on OSH for NMIT, Bangalore, for their elective course on Occupational Health and Safety, by Prof NK
        • October to December – 12 lectures for NIE 26-hour Elective Course CV7003 :Occupational Safety and Health, including participation in the course syllabus development,11 lectures by Prof NK, and one lecture by Mr.H.S.Aravind.

      Seminar on every Sunday Starting from 27th June 2021

      Launch of CWSH Publication

      Release by NIE Hon. Secretary Udayshankar Bhyrappa, of first publication, a book on ‘Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management’ by Dr. N.Krishnamurthy.


      Mr. H.S. Aravind

      Assistant Director

      Email: cwsh.nie.p@gmail.com
      Phone No: +91 91410 76124
      Website: cewosh.com   cwsh-nie.com