NIE- Eicher center for automobile technology (NECAT) is a center of excellence jointly established under the ambit of Industry-Institute Academic collaboration by The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore and Volvo-Eicher commercial Vehicle (VECV) in the year 2009. NECAT has state of the art training facilities to attract students and trainees from all over the country as well as from abroad. NECAT aims to train the students with an objective of providing exposure to commercial vehicle technology and its electronic system. Teaching is imparted through new generation teaching-learning methods and aids such as blended mode of training, cut-section working models, multimedia, audio-visual aids, and Virtual laboratory. It has greatly enhanced the brand of NIE Mechanical Engineering department.


Provide a platform for training and education in contemporary automobile technology which is accessible to students and industry personnel.


  • Familiarize the students in latest automobile technology like vehicle electronics, EVs and BS-6 technology
  • Demonstrate the scientific way of repair, maintenance, and overhaul of common vehicle
  • Provide overall knowledge about EVs and conventional vehicle
  • Enable the students in working on actual component and get hands-on training


NECAT is furnished with the latest equipment to facilitate the training undertaken that includes:
  • Two  air-conditioned classrooms which can seat up to 50 students equipped with audio-visual equipment, wall charts, parts/components, and cut-section models for discussions during training sessions  
  • NECAT workshop is equipped with the latest component and assemblies which includes BS6 engines, gear box of 5, 7 & 9 Speed, Exhaust after treatment system, Electrical harness compatible for BS6 vehicles.
  • Electronic and sensors modules of commercial vehicles.
  • Three trucks which are utilized for hands on training purposes.
  • Library with a wide range of study material related automobile and vehicle technology.

Courses Offered

The following courses are being offered for the students of engineering college and industrial personals
  • BCAT (Basic course in automobile Technology)
BCAT is a six-day course designed for UG students of Mechanical, I&P, Electronics and communication, Electrical and Automobile engineering. The contents of the course are designed in par with the current trends in automobile technology. It is a blend of theory and practical sessions.
  • ACAT (Advance course in automobile Technology)
The ACAT is designed for three days which focuses on automotive electronics, transmission technology, fuel injection system, suspension system, transmission system, engine overhauling and so on. The course is designed for students who are interested to learn in depth about the subsystem. Students should have completed the BCAT at NIE to take up the course.
  • Modular Courses
The modular courses are designed for industry personnel and technicians. The courses will be on specific in-depth components as requested by the industries. L&T, Bosch, Meritor are some of the companies that often take- up training from NECAT.


Latest equipment and components available at the center give opportunity to students to use it for their project and conduct research on latest automobile technology. Students can refer to the latest manuals from Eicher along with a wide range of automotive books available at the center. Following projects were carried at NECAT

  • Design and fabrication of automated handbrake systems
  • Dynamic torque measuring device
  • Performance evaluation of CNG engine blended with hydrogen
  • ABS simulation kit
  • Design and development of Magnetorheological braking system
  • Hydroxy generation for Automobiles
  • Optimization of fuel injection equipment on a single cylinder Diesel engine
  • Optimization of combustion chamber characteristics


Vikram Athreya V Head- NIE-Eicher Centre for Automobile Technology (NECAT)
Phone No: 9663662858