A quick view of the various facilities and equipment available at the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering.

laboratory major equipment
Advanced Signal Processing/Texas Instruments Innovation Laboratory Robotic System Lab Kit, Senzband with Mind Sync and Memory App, Booster Pack,TIVA Launch Pad, Sensehub Booster Pack, Solar Energy Harvesting Development tool, Simple Link Wi-Fi CC3100 Booster pack, TMS320C6748 LCDK with Emulator ,OMAP L137/TMS320C6747 Starter kit TMS320C6678LE Evaluation Kit ,Sensor Kit, Matlab and Scilab software packages.
Internet of Things (Intel IoT Laboratory)/Embedded Systems Laboratory Open Source tools, Linux OS with Cross Compiler tool-chain,Intel Joule Developer Kit,Intel Edison Kit,UP Board,Intel RealSense Camera,Intel System Studio, Intel Galileo Gen boards, Grover Starter kits,Sensors for Raspberry Pi.
Communication/ Advanced Communication laboratories Laboratory Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Digital signal/ Function Generators, Fiber optic training kits,SSB and PM kit , Digital Communication Modules, Advanced Digital Communication Training kits, Spectrum Analyzer, Matlab and Scilab software packages.
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory OMAP 5912 DSP Boards, DSP Starter Kit TMS320C6713, FPGA Based DSP Development Kits, Open CV, Matlab software packages
Research and Development Laboratory MATLAB software packages, Open mp, Open CV, Other Open Source Tools
Digital Electronic Circuits Laboratory TINA and eSim software packages , Function Generators, CROs, IC Trainers, Power supplies &Measuring Instruments
Microprocessor/Micro-controller Laboratory Kiel Micro vision, 8086/8085 Development kits, Interfacing modules, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, TI MSP 430 Kit, Logic Analyzer, ARM 7 & 9 Development Boards, ARM Cortex-M3 Development Boards (ESA MCB 1760 EVB)
Very Large Scale Integration Laboratory/Verilog HDL Nexys 4 DD4 Artix 7 FPGA boards, Xilinx Zed Board ARM Cortex – A9 FPGA boards, Altera DE2 Cyclone II Boards, NIOS II Boards, UG Bundle Analog & Digital FE&BE(UG3Y20L) EDA tool, Vivado Design Suite: System Edition, University Licenses -2019, Quartrus 9.1,Altera, Microwind
Programming Laboratory/Communication Networks NS II / GNS3 , Net Sim, Open Source Tools, Dell EMC server.
Analog Electronic Circuits/Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory Digital Signal/ Function Generators,Texas Instruments ASLK v2010 Starter kits, Analog Oscilloscopes, Multi Output DC Power Supply, Op-Amp Trainer Kits, Pulse Generators, Power supplies and Measuring Instruments