Getting a hands-on industry experience

Recently, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) visited the campus to bridge the gap between industry standards and the institutions’ curriculum by giving an opportunity to the students to gain practical experience by working on one of their projects. The event was initiated by an alumnus and facilitated by one of the faculty members, Shashank S. He always helps students and constantly gives them support beyond the curriculum. He actively seeks platforms where the students can showcase their talent.

The selection process comprised of an aptitude and coding test, which students from CSE and ISE branches were allowed to take if they were eligible. The platform that the test was organized on was Ebox (Amphisoft), the same platform that the institute trains you in during computer science lab. This was advantageous to the students as they had already worked with the platform and had the experience of online submissions and judges. The examination tests the students’ problem-solving abilities and proficiency in C language.

The project-a-thon is aimed at providing the students with an opportunity to gain industry exposure at a very early stage in their career. There was a myriad of interesting topics that the selected students of the project-a-thon were given including but not limited to Linux Security, Container Security, and Penetration Methodology. The aforementioned alumnus, whose brainchild is the project-a-thon, and another senior HPE official regularly visited the campus to guide the students, assign them tasks, and give them valuable tips from their experience.

The students shared the opinion that the event helped them gain valuable insights as to how the industry works, and how to apply their existing theoretical fundamentals to solve real-world problems. Further, when they encountered any hurdles, they were guided, not spoon-fed the approach they must follow in order to overcome the problem at hand. This also boosted their morale.

Sudarshan R Kulkarni, 3rd Year, CSE Department

The tabla maestro

I am a tabla player, and at NIE, I was able to pursue my passion for drums and beats. My unique fusion of beatboxing, drums, and tabla was a signature event which the crowd with over 3000 people received with great enthusiasm. I have also performed at Sangeeth Shatranj, the annual State-level music contest, where I won the 1st prize in instrument category. I’m thankful to NIE for nurturing my dreams and helping me keep my passion alive.

Vijit Vasudev, 6th Semester, ME Department

NIE’s own fashionista

I have been active participant of the college fashion show for the past 3 years. It has been a great experience and gave me the confidence, style, oomph and recognition which has put me in the spotlight.

Moulya P, 8th Semester, ISE Department

Discovering hidden talents

While there are numerous engineering colleges in Mysuru, NIE has been that one college that encourages its students to participate in the cultural activities that happen around the year. Our annual college fest, TechNIEks, provides the perfect opportunity for all to showcase their talents. Personally, TechNIEks has helped me discover the MC (Master of Ceremony) hidden in me, one who can fearlessly handle a huge crowd. Apart from that, I also host all the departmental activities that take place round the year. Thanks to NIE, I know that I’m not only technically sound, but also culturally proficient and can face any challenge in life.

Kushal S, 6th Semester, CSE Department

Learning life skills

In association with the college annual fest, we organize a marathon and cyclothon through the landmark spots in Mysuru to support a charitable cause. We donate a part of the amount raised to the respective charitable trust. This is a small initiative from our part to give back to society.

Abhijith Boosa, 8th Semester, ME Department

Keeping up the tradition

I didn’t stumble upon NIE, I chose this college because of my family members who studied here and went on to become extremely successful in their careers and lives. My perception towards academics shifted on the orientation day after pondering over the clever question asked by the Principal– ‘Is Engineering a Noun or a Verb?’.

One of my favourite places in the college is the NIE library, which I have always loved for its positive vibe. This is my go-to place when in need of any information and for those long study hours with friends.

My batch mates are fascinating, talented and social people, who are incredibly helpful and supportive. With students from across the country, my class is a melting pot of different languages, culture, and thoughts. I will always cherish the invigorating conversations with my batch mates about academics, law, sciences, and politics. Inspired by them, I also began coding in my second year.

NIE has changed me a lot. I’m a better student and a person now, thanks to the experiences I gained here.

Sana Habeeb, 6th Semester, CSE Department

Where culture and excellence meet

NIE has always believed in balancing both excellence in academics and fine arts to facilitate holistic growth. In line with this, the NIE Student’s Association organized various activities including debate competitions – debate contest based on the life of Vivekananda, Federal Bank’s Speak for India intercollegiate debate, and debate on corruption coinciding with the start of the Central Vigilance Week organized by the Government of India. In addition to these activities, TechNIEks, a cultural extravaganza is organized by the college every year. Students are handpicked to the cultural core committee after testing their knowledge and passion for work.

Overall, we believe in the adage that college life is only meaningful when you live new experiences. At NIE, you will get just that and more.

Shiva Shankar Iyer – 6th Semester, IPE Department

Champions all the way

Deloitte has been organizing Collegiate Cyber Threat Competition (CCTC) for the past eight years to find the best individuals in the security domain from prestigious colleges across the country. This year students from over 52 campuses participated.

The competition comprised of three online preliminary knockout rounds and one grand finale held at Deloitte University, Hyderabad.

The Aptitude Round included questions frequently asked by companies such as problems from quant, reasoning and verbal.

Cyber Blitz was the technical round and consisted of 90 MCQ-based questions which required in-depth knowledge in fields such as Python, Networking, Ethical Hacking, IOT, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain. NIE curriculum came in handy when solving problems related to Python, Networking, and IOT.

Capture the Flag (CTF) round had cyber security games which tested the practical knowledge in various domains such as cryptography, reverse engineering, web application security, and forensics. The entire round was for eight days and 10 new questions were given daily. We managed to capture around 45 flags out of 80. On completion of this round, we were among the top 15 teams selected for the final round at Hyderabad.

The Final Round had three challenges set in the course of two days. In the first round, we were given Linux and Windows machines through which we had to gain access to the system, escalate the privilege and finally gain the root access. The second challenge was a continuation of the previous phase, where we had to find the malware installed in the system, reverse engineer it and find how it works, while simultaneously combatting the malware used to shut down our systems at random intervals. Reverse engineering using tools such as IDA Pro and OllyDbg was instrumental in cracking this round. The third challenge was in a role-playing format where a company system was hacked and we had to contain the breach, mitigate our losses and retain customer trust.

We won the 2nd position with a cash prize of INR 1 lakh. It was truly an experience to be cherished for a long time.

Team Daemon Hunters:  Vishruth M, Karen Jane, Anirudha Beedikar


Every move leads to a prosperous future

At the age of four, I was introduced to Chess by my parents. They would casually play Chess with me and my brother, and I quickly developed a passion for this game of strategy. When we showed an aptitude for the game, my parents invited the Chess player, Jay Prakash to coach us.

All through my childhood, my parents travelled the country, competing in Chess tournaments, sometimes on a weekly basis. Seeing this only served to feed my passion for the game. Without the encouragement of my parents and my teachers at NIE, I would not be where I am today.

Tulsi M

Saddling up for the winner’s circle

Ever since childhood, I have grown up around horses. My father before me was an equestrian himself and he encouraged me to take up the sport for my physical fitness. Gradually, I became more interested in the sport and once I graduated high school, I took a more serious interest in it by learning advanced skills to take me to ever greater heights.

My teachers at NIE have been very supportive of my passion for this sport. They help me with extra classes to make up for those that I miss due to the competitions that I attend regularly, both in India and abroad. They have even sponsored me on a few occasions at my request. I am very grateful to the staff and management at NIE for supporting me in my career as an engineer and my passion as an equestrian.

Arun Maribasetti

Sportsmanship through Yoga

NIE has helped shape my career in engineering though I have always been passionate about yoga. The Departments of Physical Education and Industrial and Production Engineering together enabled my achievements in yoga and my academics.

I have won 12 gold medals and 10 silver medals at State-level yogasana competitions and other championships in yoga. I am proud to be part of NIE’s sports activities under the guidance of Capt. H N Shankaranarayana who taught me the meaning of sports and sportsmanship for five fruitful years.

In academics, I have learned how to handle tough situations under pressure by honing the qualities of leadership, teamwork, communications, professional ethics, time management and by accepting both success and learning from my mistakes. I will always remember the guidance and motivation I received from my mentors at NIE.

Rudresh C L

The Sky is the Limit

Over the years, balancing academics and sports has become a way of life. Not compromising on either has always been my mantra.  I have been a distinction holder from 10th grade up to B.E.  I really feel blessed to be part of the NIE family. The opportunities I  had have shaped and moulded my personality, both professionally and personally.

Sports has played a major role in my development. Participating in competitions at  national to city zone levels have motivated me to train harder and achieve better. I have developed a positive attitude towards team work which is a major part of the culture here at NIE. I will always be proud to say that I was a part of the NIE team when we participated in events outside the college, thanks to the high reputation that preceded us.

My experiences at NIE also helped me realise my interest in different things such as travelling solo, traveling, scuba diving and  skydiving from 13,000 feet in Dubai. Being a part of the organising team for various cultural activities in college has given me the confidence to take responsibilities outside of college after graduation. I am currently aspiring to become a pilot for the Indian Air Force.

Poonya Nanjappa

Racing Toward a Bright Future

To me, SAENIEKS is not just a team – it’s more like a family. Being a part of this family has taught me the importance of team work and has improved my leadership and communication skills as well as my technical knowledge. I have learned how to lead and manage a team of 40 members and their performance and improvement over the years is exemplary.

My experience on the team taught me how to ideate and execute using all the engineering skills and knowledge I acquired through traditional learning. This opportunity prepared me for a successful and prosperous professional life. I think engineering students should make the most out of such an opportunity, where they can learn from each other and develop leadership skills through team work and get ready to face future challenges in their professional career.

In a short span of four years, we have accomplished great things thanks to the unending support we received from our college, which not only provided us  monetary support but also round the clock access to the workshop and CNC machines. NIE is well known for its Mechanical Engineering branch and I believe that Team SAENIEKS is a major reason behind it.

Thanush Shetty, Captain, Team SAENIEKS

From the Workshop to the Finish Line

I joined team SAENIKS in the third year of their participation in Baja.  A young team meant that there were many challenges ahead of us that we had to overcome to better ourselves. The scene entirely changed for me when I made the shift from classrooms and text books to the workshop. It wasn’t about theories and equations anymore; it was the practicality of each step we took that was being tested. It was a continuous process of learning, applying, creating, testing and improving.

Through this beautiful journey, we also learnt to build and bond as a team apart from honing our technical skills as mechanical engineers. The institute’s continuous support and the team’s undying desire to reach new milestones every year served as our driving force. The two years spent as part of team SAENIEKS is a memorable chapter of my engineering life and I will always be proud of my experience here.

Anjali Venugopal, Chassis Head, Team SAENIEKS

Setting a Course for a Prosperous Future

Being the lead of the steering subsystem of Force Ikshvaku Racing has been an important turning point in my life. Ever since I learned of the Formula Student Program back in my school days, I wanted to opt in.  It proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. My experience on the team has taught me the difference between the real world and the one in which I used to live as a dependent person. It has given me the platform to showcase my growing abilities as an engineer. The integration of time, hard work and team work put into the making of the vehicle is truly a wonderful spectacle to witness.

Personally, I have learned the values of responsibility and accountability through my role in the project. This team gave me a glimpse into the life of an engineer and life in engineering. As a racing and driving enthusiast, it is a dream come true. The friendship and skills developed over the years in the team is one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. To sum up, I could not have asked for anything better than the opportunity to be part of Force Ikshvaku Racing and contribute to my best extent.

Bharatha Ravi, Steering Lead, Force Ikshvaku Racing

Overcoming Obstacles One Lap at a Time

As the Marketing Lead for Force Ikshvaku Racing, I am truly proud of what I have accomplished with the rest of the team. To simply write about the impact Force Ikshvaku Racing has had on me would be diminishing. Force Ikshvaku Racing has become a significant part of my identity. To me, it is the true embodiment of hard work and the fruits of labour.

In the field of engineering, Formula student events are the epitome of engineering challenges globally. Students are required to design, fabricate and race a Formula student race car. All this, while maintaining, managing and strengthening a team. The project instils qualities of teamwork and sportsmanship and helps prepare us for the experience of working in the automobile engineering industry. Putting this into perspective, Force Ikshvaku Racing is a team that functions as a miniature collegiate racing industry of its own.

I have learned a lot from my time with Force Ikshvaku Racing. It has given me the knowledge, skills and ability to look toward the horizon knowing that I can get past anything. And for that, I am grateful to be part of Force Ikshvaku Racing.

Gaggan Caverappa, Marketing Lead, Force Ikshvaku Racing

A Youth Ambassador for the NCC

Currently in my 6th semester of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I am proud of my achievements in the National Cadet Corps (NCC). In 2018, I won the All India Best Cadet Silver Award at the prestigious Republic Day Camp in Delhi. Thanks to my outstanding performance in this competition, I represented India as a youth ambassador to Russia as part of a youth exchange program at Perm Cadet Corps.

My NCC journey started with the National Integration Camp in Amritsar, where I won the prize for the National Awareness Integration Presentation. From here I went on to lead the Karnataka and Goa contingents at the All India Vayu Sainik camp – the topmost camp of Airwing NCC – in Jodhpur Rajasthan. I was also awarded the highest DG NCC’s Commendation by the Director General of NCC.

Apart from the NCC, I am a sports enthusiast and music lover. I have represented the state in cricket, throwball, lawn tennis, table tennis and softball, and I have won many medals for my college. In music and culture, I have played the mandolin for a band called SVASS and I have been the MC for many of the events that were organized by my college.

Sagarika Shyamanur