Champions all the way

Champions all the way

Deloitte has been organizing Collegiate Cyber Threat Competition (CCTC) for the past eight years to find the best individuals in the security domain from prestigious colleges across the country. This year students from over 52 campuses participated.

The competition comprised of three online preliminary knockout rounds and one grand finale held at Deloitte University, Hyderabad.

The Aptitude Round included questions frequently asked by companies such as problems from quant, reasoning and verbal.

Cyber Blitz was the technical round and consisted of 90 MCQ-based questions which required in-depth knowledge in fields such as Python, Networking, Ethical Hacking, IOT, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain. NIE curriculum came in handy when solving problems related to Python, Networking, and IOT.

Capture the Flag (CTF) round had cyber security games which tested the practical knowledge in various domains such as cryptography, reverse engineering, web application security, and forensics. The entire round was for eight days and 10 new questions were given daily. We managed to capture around 45 flags out of 80. On completion of this round, we were among the top 15 teams selected for the final round at Hyderabad.

The Final Round had three challenges set in the course of two days. In the first round, we were given Linux and Windows machines through which we had to gain access to the system, escalate the privilege and finally gain the root access. The second challenge was a continuation of the previous phase, where we had to find the malware installed in the system, reverse engineer it and find how it works, while simultaneously combatting the malware used to shut down our systems at random intervals. Reverse engineering using tools such as IDA Pro and OllyDbg was instrumental in cracking this round. The third challenge was in a role-playing format where a company system was hacked and we had to contain the breach, mitigate our losses and retain customer trust.

We won the 2nd position with a cash prize of INR 1 lakh. It was truly an experience to be cherished for a long time.

Team Daemon Hunters:  Vishruth M, Karen Jane, Anirudha Beedikar