Getting a hands-on industry experience

Getting a hands-on industry experience

Recently, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) visited the campus to bridge the gap between industry standards and the institutions’ curriculum by giving an opportunity to the students to gain practical experience by working on one of their projects. The event was initiated by an alumnus and facilitated by one of the faculty members, Shashank S. He always helps students and constantly gives them support beyond the curriculum. He actively seeks platforms where the students can showcase their talent.

The selection process comprised of an aptitude and coding test, which students from CSE and ISE branches were allowed to take if they were eligible. The platform that the test was organized on was Ebox (Amphisoft), the same platform that the institute trains you in during computer science lab. This was advantageous to the students as they had already worked with the platform and had the experience of online submissions and judges. The examination tests the students’ problem-solving abilities and proficiency in C language.

The project-a-thon is aimed at providing the students with an opportunity to gain industry exposure at a very early stage in their career. There was a myriad of interesting topics that the selected students of the project-a-thon were given including but not limited to Linux Security, Container Security, and Penetration Methodology. The aforementioned alumnus, whose brainchild is the project-a-thon, and another senior HPE official regularly visited the campus to guide the students, assign them tasks, and give them valuable tips from their experience.

The students shared the opinion that the event helped them gain valuable insights as to how the industry works, and how to apply their existing theoretical fundamentals to solve real-world problems. Further, when they encountered any hurdles, they were guided, not spoon-fed the approach they must follow in order to overcome the problem at hand. This also boosted their morale.

Sudarshan R Kulkarni, 3rd Year, CSE Department