Keeping up the tradition

Keeping up the tradition

I didn’t stumble upon NIE, I chose this college because of my family members who studied here and went on to become extremely successful in their careers and lives. My perception towards academics shifted on the orientation day after pondering over the clever question asked by the Principal– ‘Is Engineering a Noun or a Verb?’.

One of my favourite places in the college is the NIE library, which I have always loved for its positive vibe. This is my go-to place when in need of any information and for those long study hours with friends.

My batch mates are fascinating, talented and social people, who are incredibly helpful and supportive. With students from across the country, my class is a melting pot of different languages, culture, and thoughts. I will always cherish the invigorating conversations with my batch mates about academics, law, sciences, and politics. Inspired by them, I also began coding in my second year.

NIE has changed me a lot. I’m a better student and a person now, thanks to the experiences I gained here.

Sana Habeeb, 6th Semester, CSE Department