The department has seven spacious computer centres with more than 300 of the latest Computers fitted with the latest hardware and software. The Campus-Wide Networking facility connects all the departments, hostel, office and Golden Jubilee block. Ten servers including higher range servers are running on the LAN. A separate Internet Laboratory housing about 60 computers has a dedicated leased line connectivity of 250 Mbps. The Internet facility is available for use during college hours. The Computer Science division has a Department Library with 1600 books to cater to the department staff and student needs.

The department established Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab recently to enable AI research at the institution. AI lab consists of a state-of-the-art IBM Power system AC922 with GPUs and Intel i7 based desktops. IBM Power System AC922 delivers unparalleled performance for analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and modern High-Performance Computer (HiPC). The Power AC922 belongs to the POWER9 family. The world’s fastest current supercomputer Summit is built using IBM AC922 nodes.