Ranked #22 among India’s top engineering colleges, NIE is a powerhouse of higher education, churning out the best and brightest minds in engineering and business.


This department has grown exponentially since its inception in 1983. The department boasts state of the art laboratory facilities. Provides Best-in-class placement opportunities. Selected as an incubation centre to promote entrepreneurship and innovation at Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services, and a recognised centre for academic research, this department shapes entrepreneurial minds.

Established in 1999 to meet the shortage of IT Engineers, this Department’s programme blend, hi-tech computational facilities, advanced teaching and learning resources, and well-qualified faculty with strong ICT sector linkages make students future-ready. Industry collaborations with VGST – Government of Karnataka and Nokia Solutions and Network India Private Limited help students create real-world solutions. The Department of Information Science.

AI & ML are the fastest growing fields in the contemporary scenario. AI is intelligence showcased by machines (computers and automation systems) in contrast to the natural intelligence of humans.


Master of Computer Applications >

Established in 1997, this department offers Post-graduate courses in Master of Computer Application and M.Tech. in Computer Network Engineering. With a policy of providing training and education related to industry trends and requirements, the department takes utmost care to nurture software skills in budding software engineers by conducting various training programmes in high-end technologies with active assistance from its teaching staff.

Basic Science >

From data analysis and problem solving to number crunching, this departments covers wide-ranging topics that help students develop skills that make them employable.





One of the oldest departments in NIE, the Department of Physics fosters a breakthrough mindset in students and provides ample enablers to help them reach new frontiers – faculty from multi- disciplines in Physics, status as a VTU-recognised Research Centre replete with research guides, and well-equipped sectionalised laboratory, among others.

This department nurtures and promotes a culture of research and innovation through a well-accomplished faculty. Industry collaborations give wings to students to create impactful real-word solutions typically oriented towards mitigating risk and monitoring infrastructure and human health for a conducive environment to live and work in.